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【年代:2010 / 卷期別:第29期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
2010 29期 山水隨身:十世紀日本摺扇的傳入中國與山水畫扇在十五至十七世紀的流行
Landscape on Folding Fan: The Transmission of Japanese Folding Fan to China in the 10th Century and the Circulation of Landscape Fan Painting in 15th-17th Century China
Shih Shou-chien
2010 29期 宋人的陶瓷賞鑑及建盞傳世相關問題
The Aesthetic Appreciation of Porcelain in the Song Dynasty and a Discussion of the Spread of Jian Ware
Hsieh Ming-liang
2010 29期 理國張勝溫《梵像卷》羅漢畫研究
A Study of the Arhat Paintings in “Handscroll of Buddhist Images” by Zhang Shengwen of the Dali Kingdom
Lee Yu-min
2010 29期 應酬與表演:有關王鐸創作情境的一項研究
Writing to Meet Social Obligations and as Performance: A Case Study of the Creative Circumstances of Wang Duo’s Calligraphy
Xue Long-chun
2010 29期 張大千早期(1920-1940)的青綠山水:
The “Blue and Green” Landscape Painting of the Early Period (1920-1940) of Chang Dai-chien: A Revival of the Traditional “Blue and Green” Style in the Twentieth Century
Feng You-heng