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【年代:2010 / 卷期別:第28期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
2010 28期 伊兒汗國早期美術所見的東西交流
Encounter of Art of East and West Asia During the Early Ilkhanid Period
Masuya Tomoko
2010 28期 Archive of Power: The Qing Dynasty Imperial Garden- Palace at Rehe Cary Y. Liu
2010 28期 乾隆皇帝《御筆盤山圖》與唐岱
Emperor Qianlong’s Painting of Mount Pan and Tang Dai
Fu Shen C. Y.
2010 28期 從四幅「歲朝圖」的表現問題談到乾隆皇帝的親子關係
On Four Paintings Showing Emperor Qianlong and His Children Celebrating the New Year and Their Related Problems
Chen Pao-chen
2010 28期 陳師曾《北京風俗圖》中的日本啟示
New Insights on the Evidence of Japanese Influence in Chen Shizeng’s Beijing Customs Album
Lu Hsuan-fei