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【年代:2009 / 卷期別:第27期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
2009 27期


The Frontal Representation of the Horse-Drawn Carriage in Han Art

Miao Zhe
2009 27期 鬼子母在中國-從考古資料探索其圖像的起源與變遷
A Study of the Origin and Development of the Representation of Hariti in the Chinese Tradition
Hsieh Ming-liang
2009 27期 Sweeping in the Sacred Grove: the Buddhist Monk in Jin Nong’s Painting Hsu Ginger Cheng-chi
2009 27期 從《墨林今話》的編輯看明治初年中日書畫圈的往來
Contact Between Sino-Japanese Painting and Calligraphy Circles in the Early Meiji Period as Seen in Editions of Molin Jinhua
Lai Yu-chih