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【年代:2009 / 卷期別:第26期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
2009 26期 以筆墨合天地:對十八世紀中國山水畫的一個新理解
Reorienting Brushwork to Harmonize with the Creation of Nature:
Toward a New Understanding of the Eighteenth-Century
Chinese Landscape Painting
Shih Shou-chien
2009 26期 漢碑圖畫出文章 - 從濟寧州學的漢碑談十八世紀後期的訪碑活動
Han Steles at the Jining Prefectural School and Fangbei
Activities in the Late-18th Century
Lu Hui-wen
2009 26期 荻安‧阿勃斯的驚異萬聖節:唐氏症女人的返魅與融聚
Diane Arbus’s Halloween of Wonder: The Re-enchantment and
Communitas of Women with Down’s Syndrome
Liu Jui-ch’i
2009 26期 「界畫」在宋元時期的轉折:以王振鵬的界畫為例
Chieh-hua in the Sung-Yüan Transition: A Study on Wang Chen-p’eng’s
Ruled-line Painting Style
Chen Yunru
2009 26期 「猴與馬」造型母題:一個草原與中原藝術交流的古代見證
The Motif of “The Monkey and the House”: Evidences of Artistic
Exchanges Between Ancient Nomadic and Chinese Peoples
Hsing I-tien