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【年代:2008 / 卷期別:第24期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
2008 24期 墓葬、宗教與區域作坊—試論北魏墓葬中的佛教圖像
Tombs, Religion and Regional Workshops: A Studyof the Buddhist Icons in the Northern Wei Tombs
Lin Sheng-chih
2008 24期 金學、石刻與法帖傳統的交會—《歷代鐘鼎彝器款識法帖》
Relating the Studies of Metal, Stone and Model Calligraphy:
A Cultural History of the Sung Dynasty Model Inscriptions from
Ritual Bronzes in History
Chen Fang-mei
2008 24期 玉澗「瀟湘八景圖」東渡日本之前—「三教弟子」印考
Yu Jian’s Painting Eight Views of Xiao-Xiang Prior to Being Brought
to Japan: A Study of the “Sanjiao Dizi” Seal
I Lo-fen
2008 24期 建立典範:王時敏與《小中現大冊》
Establishing Paradigm: Wang Shi-Min and Album to See the Large within the Small
Wang Ching-ling
2008 24期 中介於地方與中央之間:《盛世滋生圖》的雙重性格
Mediating between Local Society and the Center: The Dual Character
of Burgeoning Life in a Resplendent Age
Ma Ya-chen