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【年代:2007 / 卷期別:第23期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
2007 23期 從遼寧本 《 洛神賦圖 》 看圖像轉譯文本的問題
The Relationship between Words and Images Represented in
The Goddess of the Lo River in the Liaoning Provincial Museum
Chen Pao-chen
2007 23期 洛神賦圖:一個傳統的形塑與發展
The Goddess of the Luo River: The Shaping of a Tradition
Shih Shou-chien
2007 23期 沒落的典範:「集王行書」在北宋的流傳與改變
The Currency and Change of Compendia of Model Writings of
Wang XiZhi(集王羲之行書)in Northern Song Dynasty.
Kao Ming-yi
2007 23期 臺灣傳統建築結構隱含的古中國南北建築文化
The Architectural Cultures of the Northern-Southern Ancient China on
the Structure of Taiwanese Traditional Architecture
Haung Lan-shiang