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【年代:2007 / 卷期別:第22期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
2007 22期 遺留在臺灣的東南亞古陶瓷 ― 從幾張老照片談起
Historic Southeast Asian Ceramics Preserved in Taiwan: A Discussion Beginning from the Evidence of Several Early Photographs
Hsieh Ming-liang
2007 22期 十七世紀前後臺灣玻璃珠飾與煙草、煙斗的輸入網路 ― 一個新的交換階段
The Import Networks of Tobacco, Tobacco Pipes, and Glass Bead Ornaments into Taiwan Circa the Seventeenth Century:
A New Phase of Exchange
Wang Su-chin

Liu Yi-chang
2007 22期 物質文化與族群識別關係問題 ― 以鄞山寺八卦文鐵香爐為例
On the Relationship between Material Culture and Communal Identification:
The Case of the Iron Incense Burner with Eight Trigrams Motif
Preserved at Yin-shan Temple
Chen Fang-mei
2007 22期 日治時期寺廟建築的新舊衝突 ― 1917年彰化南瑤宮改築事件
The Struggle between Old and New Styles: Transformation of
Nan-yao Kung Temple at Chang-hua in 1917
Yen Chuan-ying