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【年代:2005 / 卷期別:第19期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
2005 19期 商周「稀有」青銅器類的文化意涵—所謂「邊緣」文化研究的意義
The Cultural Connotations of Rare Shang and Chou Bronze Types:
The Significance of “Marginal” Cultural Research
Chen Fang-mei
2005 19期 漢代畫象胡漢戰爭圖的構成、類型與意義
Composition, Typology, and Iconography of the “Sino-Barbarian Battle Scene”
in Han Mural and Pictorial Stone
Hsing I-tien
2005 19期 張瑞圖(1570—1641)行草書風之形成與書法應酬
Chang Jui-t’u’s (1570-1671) Gift Calligraphy and the Formation
of His Semi-Cursive Calligraphy
He Yan-chiuan
2005 19期 遺老書法與新出土書法材料—二十世紀中國書法發展的契機
 “Yilao” Calligraphy and New Archaeological Discoveries:
New Perspectives to Review the Origin of Twentieth
Cheung Wai-yee