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【年代:2005 / 卷期別:第18期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
2005 18期 北魏寧懋石室的圖像與功能
The Ning Mao Stone House of the Northern Wei Dynasty:
A Re-examination of Its Iconography and Function
Lin Sheng-chih
2005 18期 《畫史》集註(七)第一七一條—第一九八條
Notes on Mi Fu’s Hua-shih, from Entry 171 to Entry 198
Kohara Hironobu
2005 18期 從南唐到北宋—期間江南和四川地區繪畫勢力的發展
From Southern Tang to Northern Song—The Developments
of Painting History in the Jiangnan And the Szechwan Areas
Chen Pao-chen
2005 18期 記熱蘭遮城遺址出土的十七世紀歐洲和日本陶瓷
The Seventeenth-century European and Japanese Ceramics Excavated
from the Site of Fort Zeelandia, Taiwan
Hsieh Ming-liang