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【年代:1999/ 卷期別:第7期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
1999 7期 Preface

Ho Chuimei,

Bennet Bronson

1999 7期 十五世紀亞洲陶瓷窯業和外銷中的「黑暗期」與跨國貿易商的興起
Gaps in Ceramic Production/ Distribution and the Rise
of Multinational Traders in 15th Century Asia

Ho Chuimei,

Malcolm N. Smith

1999 7期 十五世紀的中國陶瓷及其有關問題
Some Issues Related to Chinese Ceramics of the 15th Century
Hsieh Ming-liang
1999 7期 十五世紀景德鎮民窯研究
A Study of Ceramics Made at Ching-te-chen Commercial Kilns
during the 15th Century
Ouyang Shibin
1999 7期 解開中世紀博多遺跡之謎:考古資料所見的貿易陶瓷
A New Approach to Enigmas from Medieval Hakata: Trade Ceramics
as Seen from Archaeological Data
Morimoto Asako
1999 7期 十五世紀的越南陶瓷
Vietnam and Vietnamese Ceramics In the 15th Century
Trinh Cao Tuong
1999 7期 Sawankhalok地區首次出現的釉下彩繪:泰國陶瓷發展史上
The First Underglaze Painted Decoration at Sawankhalok-identification
of a key influence?
Don Hein
1999 7期 泰北地區十五世紀窯業的重要遺跡
Key Sites of 15th Century Ceramic Production in the Upper
Northern Thailand Lanna Region
Sayan Prishanchit