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【年代:1996 / 卷期別:第3期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
1996 3期 關於偃師二里頭遺址發現的玉器
On Jades Excavated from Erh-li-t’ou, Yen-shih
Minao Hayashi
1996 3期 南唐中主的政績與文化建設
The Second Emperor of the Southern T’ang Dynasty (937-975),
His Political Achievements and Artistic Activities


Pao-chen Chen

1996 3期 傅山與魏一鼇—清初明遺民與仕清漢族官員關係的個案研究
Fu Shan and Wei I-ao: A Case Study of the Relationship between Ming Loyalists and Chinese Officials in the Early Qing Government
Qianshen Bai
1996 3期 The Drunken Demon Queller: Chung K’uei in Eighteenth -Century Chinese Painting Ginger Cheng-chi Hsu