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【年代:1994 / 卷期別:第1期】

年代 卷期別 目次 著作
1994 1期 魏晉十六國北朝墓出土陶瓷試探
A Preliminary Examination of Ceramics Excavated from Six Dynasty Period Tombs

Hsieh Ming-liang
1994 1期 浪蕩之風—明代中期南京的白描人物畫
The Dissipated Manner:Figure Painting in the Pai-miao Style in Mid-Ming anking
Shih Shou-chien
1994 1期 從陸治的《溪山仙館》看吳派畫家摹仿倪瓚的模式
Wu School Imitations of Ni Tsan, from the Perspective of Lu Chih’s Immortal Abode among Streams and Mountains
Chen Pao-chen
1994 1期 簡論關於賽尚(Cézanne) 繪畫的研究
A Brief Discussion of Research on Cézanne’s Painting
Liu Chiao-mei