Projects and Grants

Co-investigator: Medical Research Council Capacity-Building PhD scholarship on problems of collinearity in observational studies - £87,000 ( Sep 2008 – August 2012).

Principal Investigator: Royal Society London, UK and National Science Council, Taiwan, international joint project grant - £21,050 (July 2009 – June 2011)

Co-investigator: Medical Research Council Methodology grant on Methods for modelling repeated measures in a lifecourse framework - £ 415,000 (April 2011 – March 2014)

Co-investigator: European Research Council FP-7 project: EnvironGenoMarkers, €205,000 (Apr 2009 – Mar 2013).

Principal Investigator: Analysis of the Taiwanese Health Screening Data collected by Mei-Jaw Corporation (2008-2010)

Principal Investigator: World University Network Research Development Fund - Strengthening the evidence base for public health action in societies under transitions through development and application of advanced methodologies, £13,500 (2012-2013).

Principal Investigator: Fund for International Research Collaboration Research Workshop grant - Statistical bioinformatics and approaches to the challenges of high-dimensional data, £5,000 (2012).

Principal Investigator: National Science Council, Taiwan - Developing methods for meta-analysis of studies with repeated measures: Using treatment of periodontal disease as an illustration, NT$ 2,090,000 (Dec 2012 – Nov 2014).

Co-investigator: 牙醫特殊醫療服務試辦計畫身心障礙者牙醫服務之成效評估. 衛生福利部中央健康保險署. NT$ 670,000 (March 2013 – January 2014)

Principal Investigator: Queens University Belfast & Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – Mycotoxins as a risk factor in childhood growth impairment worldwide, US $ 35,000 (January 2014 – May 2015).

Principal Investigator: Network meta-analyses: translation, methodological development and model validation. NT$ 3,964,000 (Aug 2014 to July 2017).