NTU THz optoelectronics group 台大太赫茲光電實驗室

We are interested in all sorts of terahertz (THz) science and technology. Terahertz waves can be applied to fundamental science study, nondestructive imaging, chemical sensing, communications, etc. Our group studies THz waves and their applications with two different approaches: the electronic approach and the photonic approach. For THz electronics, we design and fabricate both active and passive components for high-speed communications. For THz photonics, we generate terahertz pulses using femtosecond lasers and apply them to spectroscopy and imaging. Please check our publications page for more details. If you are interested in joining us, please email Prof. Yu-Hsiang Cheng with your CV and your transcript. If you want to know more about Prof. Cheng, you may check his YouTube channel or his online courses.

  • Student office: Room 527 EE Building 2 and Room 320 Cosmology Hall

  • Laboratory: Room 527-2 EE Building 2

Internship for international students


  • The photonics subgroup
    Summer training: 光世代實驗技術預備學校 organized by 汪治平老師 (url). Prof. Cheng's lecture: 光學元件的特性與應用

  • The electronics subgroup
    Summer training: 夏季電磁教育引領研討會 offerred by 台灣電磁產學聯盟 (url)

  • All students should pass the training offerred by the environmental health and safety center, including 一般安全衛生教育訓練課程, A實驗場所安全衛生管理訓練, and B危害通識訓練. (url)