NTU THz optoelectronics group

We are interested in all sorts of terahertz science and technology. For THz photonics, we generate terahertz pulses using femtosecond lasers and apply them to spectroscopy and imaging. For THz electronics, we are creating passive components using nano-fabrication or CNC machining. For more information, please check our research page.

Laboratory and student office: Room 527-2, EE Building 2

Group meeting: every Wednesday at 3:00 pm


We are looking for graduate and undergraduate students. Students with physics or optics background are mostly welcomed. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Prof. Yu-Hsiang Cheng.


  • Our lab space is renovated! (2020.6)

  • Welcome 李金鴻, 李冠勇, and 李勁! (2020.5)

  • Welcome 林致翰 joining our lab! (2019.12)

  • Welcome our new members 林楚軒 and 陳兆發! (2019.9)

  • Birthday of NTU Ultrafast THz group! (2019.8.1)