I am an assistant professor at Department of Library and Information Science , as well as the affiliated researcher of CRETA at National Taiwan University. I completed my PhD studies at the School of Computing and Information, University of Pittsburgh. My research explores how people share information, data, and resources in the digital age. Given the increasing need in academic communities to manage a huge amount of data, my long-term research goal is to provide insights on improving research infrastructure for scholars in all disciplines, particularly social sciences, humanities and related scholarly communities.

Recently I am interested in helping non-CS scholars and students, especially people from behavioral, social sciences, and humanities, to take full advantage of their data. I had led several one-time data visualization workshops for different programs at the University of Pittsburgh and for the University Library System.

To date, my work aims to expand the understanding of “sharing” in three interwoven threads: social media studies, scholarly collaboration, and research data sharing.

Social media studies

I was involved in a number of projects which studied different social media platforms and online communities, including: academic social web, social Q&A, location-based social networks, academic conference’s scheduler, and a crowdsourcing platform. While the research problems of these projects vary and stem from different discipline perspectives, these experiences have prepared me not only for being familiar with conducting research on different types of social platforms, but also for collaborating with scholars from different discipline perspectives.

Scholarly Collaboration

While accumulating more research experience on social media platforms, I developed my specific research interests on academic social web. I led several projects which studied the incentives, diversity, and dynamics of scholarly collaborative activities on academic social websites, with a special perspective on discipline diversity comparison.

Research Data Sharing

My dissertation investigates the social scientists' data-sharing practices, especially those dealing with qualitative data. The ultimate goal of my continuing studies on this matter is to provide a solution that involves facts, insights, and guidance for facilitating the research workflow of social science scholars in terms of data curation, archiving and data sharing.


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