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Scene Shop

Lecture Hall

Three Rehearsal Classrooms

Production Classroom

experienced theatre

Two Classrooms for Design Technology

Costume Shop





The department is located in Building NO.1 on the main campus, occupying the first floor and the west half of the second floor. It has 31 rooms, including a department office, a chairman's office, faculty offices, a seminar room, lecture halls, a production room, classrooms for design technology, a scene shop, rehearsal classrooms, a costume shop, a computer lab, an experimental theatre and National Taiwan University Theater. We also have projectors, a side projector, a digital single lens reflex camera, a video camera, CDR-W, a digital equalizer, a P4 computer for graphics, a HP plotter (A1 Size), stationary power tools, hand power tools welding tools, a laser beam cutting machine, a vacuum forming machine, pneumatic tools, 3D digital body scanner, industrial sewing machines, an overlock sewing machine, blindstitch sewing machine dummies, acoustic equipments, multimedia facilities, computers and printers, all of which are accessible to faculty and students.




ADDRESS: No.1, Roosevelt Rd. Sec.4, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. 10617
TEL: 886-2-33663300FAX: 886-2-2369-1350
Email: theatre@ntu.edu.tw