Zhixiang Wang

Master Student
Supervisor: Prof. Yung-Yu Chuang
Communications and Multimedia Lab., National Taiwan University
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  • I am now a 2-year master student at the Dept. of CSIE, National Taiwan University, supervised by Prof. Yung-Yu Chuang. Before that, I received my B.Eng degree from Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Automation in Nanjing Normal University in 2017. My research interests include Computer Vision (e.g., Person re-ID) and Computational Photography. I am fortunate to work closely with Dr. Zheng Wang and Prof. Yinqiang Zheng.
  • Status: I am looking for a Ph.D. position (2020 Spring/Fall) and a research internship (2019 Summer)!


  • [2019/02/25] Two first-author papers accepted to CVPR 2019.
  • [2018/01/15] Start my internship at National Institute of Informatics, Japan.
All Publications
Anonymous Title.
Zelong Zeng*, Zhixiang Wang*, Zheng Wang, Yung-Yu Chuang and Shin'ichi Satoh.
(*indicates equal contribution)
IJCAI 2019 (under review).
Learning to Reduce Dual-level Discrepancy for Infrared-Visible Person Re-identification.
Zhixiang Wang, Zheng Wang, Yinqiang Zheng, Yung-Yu Chuang and Shin'ichi Satoh.
CVPR 2019 (acceptance rate: 25.2%).
Polarimetric Camera Calibration Using an LCD Monitor.
Zhixiang Wang, Yinqiang Zheng and Yung-Yu Chuang.
CVPR 2019 (acceptance rate: 25.2%).
2018 and earlier
Long-range Hand Gesture Recognition with Joint SSD Network.
Chengming Yi, Liguang Zhou, Zhixiang Wang, Zhenglong Sun, Changgeng Tan.
IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics (ROBIO), 2018.
Array-enhanced Logical Stochastical Resonance Subject to Colored Noise.
Zhixiang Wang, Zijian Qiao, Liguang Zhou, and Lei Zhang.
Chinese Journal of Physics (SCI), 2017.

Recent Research Topics

Crowdsourcing Person Search.
Heterogeneous Person Re-identification.
Infrared-Visible Person Re-identification for Searching cross Night and Day.
Controlled Imaging Polarimetry.
1) Feasible Polarimetric Camera Calibration;
2) Fast Polarimetric Camera Self-calibration.

Awards & Honors

  • Excellent Bachelor Thesis Award, NJNU, 2017
  • Outstanding Student Scholarship (four-year continuous), NJNU, 2013 – 2017
  • First Prize in Mathematical Modelling Contest, NJNU, 2016
  • Honorable Mention in Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM/ICM), 2016
  • Champion in Freescale Cup Intelligent Car Race (China East Regional Competition), 2015
  • First Prize in Intelligent Car Competition, NJNU, 2014

Visiting Experiences

Professional Activities

  • Conference Reviewer for IJCAI 2019.
  • Chair of IEEE Nanjing Normal University Student Branch, 2016 – 2017
  • Vice Chair of IEEE Nanjing Normal University Student Branch, 2014 – 2016
  • Student Member of IEEE, 2014 – present
  • Member of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society, 2014 – 2016