Po-jen Lai

ROS learner

An EE student full of curiosity about ROS, Entrepreneurship and Social Entrepreurship.


National Taiwan University

BS in Electrical Engineering

2009.9 - 2013.6

National Taiwan University

MS in Electrical Engineering



International Center of Excellence on
Intelligent Robotics and Automation Research

M.S. student

2013.9 - present

I am doing my research in Intelligent Robotics and Automation Lab, which is a famous lab in NTU.

I am now dedicated to researches about semantic map and object recognition based on ROS from Willow garage.

NTU Networking and Multimedia Lab


2013.2 - 2013.6

I have done several projects in this lab.

From Naive Paint program , I learned the basics of Java language and GUI app develop skills.

From MSN-like chatroom project, I learned socket programming and the basics of Internet program. This project enable me to take advantage of the powerful tools. For example, I can use socket to send some data to Matlab so that I can make use of the abundant toolboxes in Matlab. And also, Matlab can send data through serial port to Proteus(which is a professional PCB design and simulation software), so that I can put my expertise in microchips and electronics into good use.

From Android game project , I learned how to develop 3D game.

NTU Verification Automation Lab

Research assistance for Academia Sinica

2012.7 - 2012.10

NTU VAL Lab holds a project with Academia Sinica, aiming at developing softwares that automatically test android applications.

There are several parts in this project, and I am developing the core algorithms by using techniques of Gene Programming and Support Vector Machine.

NTU Embedded System Lab


2012.2 - 2012.6

My project here is to break a widely used RFID card, MIFARE Classic.

In this project, I implemented a card reader, a sniffer and simulated a card in C by using Proxmark3.



2011.9 - 2012.7

NTU ASES(Asian Student Entrepreneurship Society) is the only club that aims at develop entrepreneurship in NTU. We have connections with Stanford ASES, BizAsia PKU and BizAsia NUS.

Himax Imaging

Summer internship

2011.7 - 2011.8

In 2011 summer vacation, I started my summer intern in algorithm development department, Himax Imaging. During this internship, I learned how to develop better algorithm for auto white balance and a SoC solution for small pixel imaging applications.


C++ & Python

C++ is the first programming language I learned.

Python is the main language I am using now.



C# is a powerful language used mainly for GUI apps.

Just for fun

Web app - Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, SQL

AI - Prolog, Lisp