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     Rapid growth in population and urbanization has occurred in Taiwan's demographic transition in the last few decades.  There is an urgent need for research on the problems created by this demographic experience, as a basis for formulating policies.  Apart from studies conducted by family planning centers and research institutes, no formal institution is solely concerned with population research and education.  The formal establishment of the Population Studies Center (The Center) in 1974, through the approval of the Ministry of Education, was a major step forward in filling this gap.  It is still the only academic institute of its kind in Taiwan.  Because of its significant contribution in the research of gender relations, the Center has been renamed Population and Gender Studies Center in 1999.

  The center takes an interdisciplinary approach to promote the study of population and gender issues, to facilitate exchange on population information, and to offer population related courses.                                                                back to top



     The Center brings together faculty members from National Taiwan University and coordinates an interdisciplinary program in the study of population and gender.   It provides a resource base for university faculty to pursue research and teaching devoted to the understanding of population phenomena and solution to population-related problems in Taiwan.  The scope of these studies includes not only demographic areas per se but also the interrelationships of population growth, distribution and change with related social, cultural, economic, political, behavioral, physiological, genetic, public health, geographical and psychological aspects.  The departments represented at the university are History, Anthropology, Geography, Psychology, Economics, Sociology, and Public Health, Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Extension, and the Graduate Institute of Building and Planning.

    The Center is governed by an advisory committee of seven members who are appointed by the President of NTU.  The Director of the Center representing the Center and staff, appoints the chiefs of three sections, which are population research, gender research and data and information.  These four part-time members and a full-time clerk form the staff of the Center.                                           back to top



      Since the Center's aim is to study population from an interdisciplinary approach, the scope for study is wide, including problems of population adjustment in Taiwan, agricultural development and population change, population movement and rural/urban development, behavioral and socio-cultural and economic factors affecting family planning, coordination of administrative regulations and population policy. Manpower development and education investment, manpower needs and supply and the educational systems, population growth rates, compositio and change, women and gender studies, etc., are all included in the Center's areas of study.

    The Journal of Population Studies, now in its twenty-fifth issue, is published twice a year since 2001. Papers in both English and Chinese Languages are published. Abstracts are not only published in the Review of Population Reviews which is published by Committee for International Cooperation CICRED in National Research in Demography but also listed in Taiwan Social Science Citation Index.  Besides numerous monographs, the Center has also published a reference book, Population Problems and Research which is co-authored by Center members.  The Population Newsletter, now adopts the online version, is updated frequency to distribute information directly and report news of the Center's activities and publications.  In addition, announcements of fellowships and conferences are sent to Center committee members so that they can become aware of activities related to population abroad.

    The Center has coordinated curricula on the teaching of population and assisted various departments in the development of courses and teaching materials; organized public lectures, seminars and initiate research projects; and maintained a network of data and information exchange with related universities within Taiwan and with population studies centers and institutions abroad.  Apart from regular lectures given to the public, the Center welcomes visits by specialists from other universities and from abroad.

A research conference, titled "The Role of Women in the National Development Process in Taiwan" was held in 1985, leading to the establishment of the Women's Research Program. Supported at the beginning by the Asia Foundation, its objective is to coordinate interdisciplinary research on women and gender in Taiwan.  The research activities of the Women's Research Program include publication of Journal of Women and Gender Studies, Bulletin of Women and Gender Studies, monographs and occasional papers, holding public lectures and seminars, assisting graduate students with small grants and developing research plans.  As the first program of its kind in Taiwan, the Center has promoted interests in population and gender research and brings in a new dimension in population and gender studies to Taiwan.

    Starting in 1989, the Center invited population studies scholars from Mainland China.  Soon after this, the exchange of publications between population studies centers and acquisition of books and materials progressed rapidly.  Besides numerous lectures, a Conference on China Population was held in 1994 to commemorate the Centers 20th anniversary.  Based on a conference jointly held between National Taiwan University and Baptist University of Hong Kong, a book on the Perspectives on the Regional and Economic Development of China was published in 1996.  Using these as groundworks on the study of China population, the Center proposed an Overseas Chinese Studies Program that will include Chinese Mainland population, women in China, population in Macau and Hong Kong, and international migration of Chinese.  Since the Program is still in preparation, it would need the support of both the University and outside funding agencies. 

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     Since the Center now operates with only one full-time staff, it is limited in its capacity to function as a full-fledged research center.  Research projects are mostly carried out in the individual departments. Areas of research are expanding to reflect social and demographic changes.  While research activities have expanded slowly, the Women's Research Program that began in 1985 have developed rapidly in the past fourteen years. 

      As the only organization of its kind in Taiwan, the Center has helped to advance population studies in Taiwan to a great extent in the last twent-nine years.  International contacts have recently increased and nationally the Center is linked with government agencies in terms of government-sponsored research, population policies and community services.                                       back to top




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