Technical Essays

Introduction to Computer Networks

There will be 4 essay assignments. You get to choose a topic from a given topic selection. The idea is to get you to dig in a little further on any of the subjects discussed in class and search for additional content from the Web afterwards. Formulate your findings and thoughts and list the references (book chapters, websites, magazines, etc.) in a 3-page double-spaced 11-pt-fonted write-up. Figures and tables included. Though you may list the references from the 4th page and on. There'll be no late assignments accepted. You'll be graded mainly on the originality and thoughtful-ness. Technical correctness is minor.

To help you identify an interesting and yet relevant topic, here is the topic page that provides a comprehensive list of sample topics. You may select one from the sample topics. You may also select one that is not in the list but please confirm the topic with Polly. And keep in mind: any online search engine or encyclopedia will be your good friends.

Submission Instruction: