NTU HIGHLIGHTS October 2017  

Graduating Students Dance the Night Away

The NTU Graduation Prombrought the Class of 2017's graduating students together for a night of wild celebration that gave them a chance to blow off some steam after four years of hitting the books.

The spectacular night proceeded beneath a giant screen erected over the stage that displayed the dance's theme of Day and Night. Below the stage, the crowd danced in couples and in groups of friends as they celebrated the happy years they had spent together. The venue was decorated with colorful, artistic installations that the partygoers used as backdrops for snapping group photos and selfies.

The party's organizer, the NTU Graduation Student Association, went all out in its preparations for the dance. In addition to a performance of this year's graduation song and some fancy footwork by the NTU-PDC (Pop Dance Club), pop stars and NTU alumni William Wei and Chris Liao also took to the stage to sing for their soon-to-be fellow NTU graduates.