International Corner  

More Students Expand Minds through Overseas Summer Programs

More and more NTU students are experiencing student life abroad thanks to the wide offering of summer programs awaiting them at NTU partner universities around the world. This summer, the number of overseas summer programs the Office of International Affairs (OIA) has made available with NTU partner universities for NTU students rose from 28 last summer to 39, and the number of participating students reached nearly 300.

Just as the OIA welcomes outstanding students around the world to enroll in the short-term programs offered through NTU Plus Academy, it also encourages NTU students to put their summer vacations to good use by venturing abroad for overseas studies at NTU partner universities. Among the many study options available are summer sessions, language and culture programs, and summer academic research programs. Academic grades and credits earned through programs at NTU partner universities may be transferred to NTU.

Although summer vacation lasts just a little over two months, using this time for overseas studies can produce fruitfulresults. Summer programs not only give students a chance to boost their language skills in a short time, they enable students to experience the academic systems and campus climates of other universities around the world. Most importantly, students who go overseas are able to study and make friends with students from other countries and cultures, which expands their minds and elevates their thinking.

After returning to the NTU campus, students reported that overseas summer programs are like practice for long-term overseas studies, and added that these experiences increased both their interest and confidence in living abroad as exchange students or in pursuing dual degrees or even Master's and PhD degrees.

Prestigious universities around the globe offer outstanding summer programs for NTU students. In England, the University of Oxford's Hertford College has cooperated with NTU for many years. Its summer program helps students improve their academic English while learning about English culture.

This summer in the United States, the University of Pennsylvania invited four renowned professors of the Wharton School to deliver lectures as part of its summer program, while Stanford University took advantage of its location to lead students on tours of startup companies in Silicon Valley.

In its summer programs, the University of Hamburg in Germany brings international and local students together by pairing international students with students from its Chinese, Japanese, and Korean language departments as learning partners. Recognized for its social sciences, France's Sciences Po offers highly effective language instruction designed for those seeking French language certification as well as courses on French culture.

Among the many other universities offering summer programs for NTU students are the Complutense University of Madrid in Spain, King's College London in England, Nagoya University in Japan, and Ewha Womans University in South Korea.