NTU HIGHLIGHTS August 2017  

President Yang Offers Thanks to Colleagues and Students in Farewell Address

On June 21, NTU President Pan-Chyr Yang completed his service as NTU President and handed over the university's official seal to Interim President Ching-Ray Chang, who also serves as Executive Vice President for Administrative Affairs.

At the handover ceremony, President Yang thanked all of his NTU colleagues for their four years of dedication in developing a wonderful campus culture, improving the university's quality of teaching, research, interdisciplinary cooperation, and international exchanges, as well as constructing more space for teaching and research.

During the ceremony, several top NTU officials shared stories about President Yang. Executive Vice President for Financial Affairs Shu-Hsing Li applauded President Yang for speaking with students on equal terms, providing a bright vision for NTU, and enhancing the university's international visibility.

Vice President for Student Affairs Tsung-Fu Chen noted the importance President Yang placed on quick action whenever students' welfare was concerned. In particular, Chen mentioned two things about President Yang that impressed him the most. First, he said that while Yang always stresses the importance of time, he had even texted Chen about work matters as late as midnight. Second, he said Yang believes that education provides opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve upward mobility.

Also from a humble background himself, Yang can identify with the difficulties facing disadvantaged students. During his term, President Yang increased from 100 to 400 the number of students eligible for Hope Scholarships, which waive four years of tuition for disadvantaged students. In addition, he extended the Food Assistance Program to help disadvantaged students cover four years of meals at NTU.

Following the congratulatory statements of the many honored guests, President Yang opened his farewell address by saying "Thank you" heartily three times to everyone present, expressing his gratitude to all the members of the NTU community who had worked with him over the previous four years.