NTU HIGHLIGHTS August 2017  
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Mosaic Taiwan Seeks Views of Northern American Students on Taiwan

NTU conducted in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Mosaic Taiwan Fellowship Program for the first time this year. Launched in 2014, the program brings elite young North Americans to Taiwan for two weeks of workshops, lectures, visits to historic sites, and fascinating cultural activities.

The MOFA designed the program with the goals of introducing North American youth to local Taiwanese society and providing the ministry with opportunities to better understand how young people in the United States and Canada tend to view Taiwan in an effort to heighten awareness of Taiwan among the young elite in North America.

Held from May 28 to June 10, this year's Mosaic Taiwan welcomed student delegates selected from prestigious universities spanning North America, including Yale University, Johns Hopkins University, and Georgetown University.

Addressing the program's opening ceremony, Minister of Foreign Affairs David Tawei Lee stressed that the program offered an outstanding opportunity for the participants to immerse themselves in a new culture so that they could carefully observe and reflect upon the differences they perceive compared to their own cultures. NTU Vice President for International Affairs Luisa Shu-Ying Chang also stated that NTU's involvement in the program helps fulfill its mission to contribute to the nation and Taiwanese society.

Among the NTU professors who presented lectures as part of the program were Prof. Joyce Tsai, who led the delegates on a tour of the National Palace Museum, and Prof. Shun-Chern Tsaur, who led an excursion to the newly-opened Taipei Energy Hill. Prof. Chia-Fen Tsai, one of the most active flutists in Taiwan, gave an inspiring lesson called "Music from Taiwan's Lush Tea Garden." The Mosaic Taiwan delegates also visited the Stanley Wang D-School@NTU.

Mosaic Taiwan added the Youth Forum to its program this year. Participant Tylor Blackmon, who holds a Master's degree in Politics and Economics from Yale University and currently works for the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party, called the Youth Forum the highlight of the program.

With the Chair of the NTU Department of Political Science Philip Szue-Chin Hsu serving as forum moderator, the visiting delegates interacted with participating NTU students and exchanged their views and opinions regarding such topics as the reaction in Taiwan to the election of US President Donald Trump, cross-strait relations, and Taiwan’s economy.

Besides the lectures and forum, the Mosaic delegates also engaged in a number of cultural activities, such as learning Chinese calligraphy and martial arts from expert NTU students and visiting the Dragon Boat Festival races and the Taipei 101 skyscraper.

Near the end of the program, the delegates met with Taiwan’s Vice President Chien-Jen Chen with whom they discussed a variety of issues, including cross-strait relations and the nation's current political status.