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Life Science College Cooperates with International Universities on Summer Internships

Faculty-led delegations from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and Dankook University in South Korea visited the NTU campus during the last academic year to discuss short-term summer internship programs with their counterparts at the College of Life Science.

Profs. I-Hsin Su, Hoi-Yeung Li, and Cheng-Gee Koh of Nanyang Technological University’s School of Biological Sciences paid a visit to the College of Life Science last November. The group was received by the then-deputy directors of the college's Center for International Academic Exchanges, Profs. Wei-Pang Huang and Chau-Ti Ting, who briefed the visitors on the college's current operations.

In addition to delivering two lectures to the college's students, the Singaporean professors also held an information session introducing an internship program and the doctoral programs offered at the School of Biological Sciences. Local students asked numerous questions concerning the programs and enjoyed their interactions with the visiting professors.

The School of Biological Sciences has the finest researchers in the area of biological sciences in Singapore. This summer will mark the first time the College of Life Science has cooperated with the School of Biological Sciences in organizing an internship program. The short-term overseas summer program is designed for bachelor's students of the Department of Life Science and the Department of Biochemical Science and Technology.

Dankook University is a highly-ranked private comprehensive university in South Korea. On February 24, Prof. and Director JongHoe Byun of the university's Institute of Nanosensor and Biotechnology led a delegation of 10 faculty members and students to visit the College of Life Science. Chair of the Department of Life Science, Prof. Ming-Yuan Min, officially welcomed the guests, and Prof. Hsin-Yu Lee briefed them on the current status of the college.

Prior to the visit, Prof. Byun had contacted Prof. Min to inquire whether the college offered a short-term internship program in the field of neuroscience that suited Dankook University's students. In response, Prof. Lee introduced the college's international summer programs +N3 Developmental Biology, +N4 Statistical Genetics Program, and +N5 Neuroscience LAB Program.

The college designed these programs in coordination with the Office of International Affairs to offer international students opportunities to engage in short-term studies in the field of biology at NTU. This summer will mark the third year the college has offered +N3 Developmental Biology, while +N4 Statistical Genetics Program and N5 Neuroscience LAB Program are new courses.

The Dankook students expressed great interest in the college's summer programs and asked repeatedly for more details. A number of Dankook students are expected to enroll in these programs this summer.