Special Report  

Architect Toyo Ito Discusses Creative Concept of New Campus Landmark

The NTU Center for the Arts, working with the support of the College of Social Sciences, Office of General Affairs, and Campus Planning Office, arranged a series of four forums titled "Toyo Ito's Revisit to College of Social Sciences: NTU Forums on Architecture, Space, and Public Art" from April 8 to 9. The highlight of the series came in the final forum, in which Toyo Ito, the architect of the College of Social Sciences Building, discussed the inception of the creative concept behind the design of this new campus landmark.

Marking the first time the Center for the Arts has organized a forum around the theme of architecture, the two-day event attracted a large turnout of over 300 people. The ultimate goal of the forum was not to consider only the single theme of architecture. Rather, the aim was to provoke dialogue by introducing several interdisciplinary forum topics that would expand the participant’s capacity to appreciate life and rekindle their sensitivity to beauty.

The organizers invited scholars and experts from different backgrounds and with a variety of interests to sit on the forum panels and address a wide variety of themes.

In his forum, "Toyo Ito's Revisit to the College of Social Sciences: The Social Thought of an Architect," the architect made use of vivid images and videos to illustrate the building's design concept. Ito also joined a panel of guests who had been involved in the planning and construction of the building in sharing their experience of designing and planning the building.

In the first forum, "The Social Vision of Campus Space," Prof. Kuang-Tsung Tseng of the Department of Architecture at Chung Yuan Christian University paired up with Prof. Chi-Jeng Kuo of the Department of Architecture at Tunghai University to discuss several other cases of university campus planning and development.

The second forum, "Public Art on Campus," was moderated by Hai-Ming Huang, former director of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. The panel members were Prof. Min-Jay Kang of the NTU Graduate Institute of Building and Planning, Director Virginia Hui-Ting Chen of Shalom Arts Consulting, and artist Wei-Cheng Tu.

Chief Director of the Center for the Arts Tung Shen served as moderator for the third forum, "The Aesthetic Experience of University Students and Architecture Education." The panel members were Prof. Lan-Shiang Huang of the NTU Graduate Institute of Art History, Hui-Yuan Liu, a board member of the Chinese Association of Museums, and Chair Prof. C. David Tseng, a faculty member of the Graduate Institute of Architecture and Dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at National Chiao Tung University.