NTU HIGHLIGHTS February 2017  
  Special Report  

Entomologists' Photos Appear in Cambridge Zoology Calendar

Photographs snapped by a professor and an alumnus of the NTU Department of Entomology were named among the twelve winners of the 150th Anniversary Photo Competition of the Department of Zoology at the University of Cambridge last autumn. The winning photos all appear in the Cambridge department's 2017 Memorial Calendar.

This wonderful coincidence and great honor is all the more special as the international competition was open to all current students and faculty members and alumni of the Cambridge department.

Prof. Chun-Che Chang earned his PhD at Cambridge in 2001. While there, he was a member of the Molecular Laboratory of the Museum of Zoology. Alumnus Syuan-Jyun Sun graduated from the Department of Entomology in 2014 and is presently a second-year PhD student of the Department of Zoology at Cambridge.

Prof. Chang's photo "Nutritional invasion" marks the month of November. The accompanying caption reads: "Usually, invasion by a foreign organism is undesirable. However, the invasion of endosymbionts (white dots, bottom right) to the gastrula embryo of the pea aphid is exceptional. Aphids require essential amino acids synthesized by endosymbionts to sustain the development of germ cells (green circles) and other cell images."

Sun's "All aboard!" represents April. Its caption reads: "Phoretic mites Poecilochirus carabi collectively 'hitch a ride' on a host burying beetle Nicrophorus vespilloides after reproduction. They both breed on carrion but, unlike the beetles, mites cannot fly. They use burying beetles as a jumbo jet to travel from one dead body to another."

The aphid in Chang's photo came from a line of pea aphids developed in Chang's laboratory. In honor of NTU's 88th Anniversary in 2016, Chang officially named the line "Line of NTU."