NTU HIGHLIGHTS December 2016  
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Resource Center Helps Indigenous Students to Find Fulfillment

The NTU Indigenous Student Resource Center provides a full range of support services for indigenous students. The center organizes activities, publishes a newsletter, and raises awareness on available campus resources to help indigenous NTU students to find fulfillment in their everyday lives and in their studies.

In order to safeguard the educational rights of indigenous students, the Resource Center was established at NTU in 2013. In 2014, the center was initially managed by the Student Activity Center Administration Division. Later, in March 2016, the center was elevated to a university-level unit in accordance with the "Establishment Guidelines for the National Taiwan University Indigenous Student Resource Center."

The center organizes a wide range of activities for indigenous students throughout their four years on campus. Among the activities are orientation and welcome activities for indigenous first-year students, lectures on the Indigenous Student University Entrance Examination, public financial aid for overseas studies, and indigenous culture, an indigenous culture film festival, an information session introducing first- and second-year students to the center's services, a series of employment counseling activities, and an English listening and conversation program organized in coordination with the Foreign Language Teaching and Resource Center.

The center's Indigenous Students Resources Manual helps indigenous students to quickly adapt to life on campus and establish a support network of friends, so they are able to pursue excellence in their studies free of unnecessary complications. The manual offers a general introduction to the center and addresses a comprehensive range of topics, including: financial assistance (financial aid programs, scholarships and grants, and emergency aid); course-based and extracurricular learning (study skills, learning resources, and student clubs); services and counseling (dormitories, psychological counseling, student safety, health insurance services, applications, and relevant websites); overseas study and public employment information; welfare and services provided by city and county government indigenous peoples agencies; and introductions to Taiwan's indigenous peoples.

The resource center also publishes a monthly newsletter that has already reached its 23rd issue. Providing special reports, book reviews, and information concerning scholarships and activities, the newsletter is posted on Facebook and sent through an online community to indigenous students at NTU, National Taiwan Normal University, and National Taiwan University Science and Technology. It is also available through the NTU epaper website, where it now has hundreds of subscribers.