NTU HIGHLIGHTS December 2016  
  International Corner  

Deputy Vice President Speaks on Internationalization at Invitation of Kyushu University

Deputy Vice President for International Affairs Bennett Fu traveled to Japan to deliver a report during Kyushu University's 2nd SHARE-Q Seminar: World University Rankings--Kyushu University's Challenge toward a World Class University on October 17. Seeking to boost the seminar's international perspective, the Japanese university invited Deputy Vice President Fu to elaborate on NTU's position in the various world ranking systems as well as spell out its strategies for the promotion of internationalization and bilateral cooperation.

The SHARE-Q Seminar is one of the projects KU has developed in response to the Japanese government's Top Global University Project. The issues addressed in the seminars are intended to enhance the KU community's awareness of the university's drive to join the ranks of the world's top 100 universities and understanding of future trends. NTU was the first institution from outside of the KU system to receive an invitation to present a report during a SHARE-Q Seminar.

During his hour-long report, Deputy Vice President Fu discussed the progress of NTU's internationalization efforts and its experience in international rankings before an audience of around one hundred faculty members and administrative staff from KU and elsewhere. The audience included some of KU's top officials, including President Chiharu Kubo.

Fu divided NTU's internationalization strategy into three areas: enhancement of the university's brand identification internationally, implementation and then cultivation of exchange and cooperation programs. He said NTU actively seeks invitations to present at the conferences of international organizations and the world's three leading education fairs (APAIE, NAFSA, and EAIE), and it works together with partner universities to draft cooperation programs and presentations.

Fu cited the Strategic Partnership Program as an example. Launched in 2013, the program first involves holding joint conferences with other universities, then establishing links between disciplines, and finally developing in depth cooperation plans. A seed fund created for the program plays a substantial role in deepening cooperation between NTU faculty members and those of selected partner universities.

Fu concluded his report by highlighting four key points: A. activeness and action, B. backup and bravery, C. communication and consensus, and D. deregulation and do it. During the question and answer period, KU's students and faculty members engaged in enthusiastic dialogue with Deputy Vice President Fu and praised NTU for its foresightedness in its pursuit of internationalization.

After the report, KU President Kubo told Fu, "We were able to learn a great deal from NTU's advanced global strategy to enhance its international network and academic reputation. I look forward to dynamic future collaboration in diverse areas between our two institutions."