NTU HIGHLIGHTS December 2016  
  International Corner  

NTU Hosts University of Hamburg for 2nd Matchmaking Workshop

NTU played host to a delegation from the University of Hamburg during the 2nd NTU-UHH Matchmaking Workshop on October 12-13.

The two universities elevated their long-established partnership to the level of major strategic partnership in 2014. As part of the new relationship, they committed to holding matchmaking workshops that would promote connections between the two faculties and enable them to share research and discuss cooperation projects.

Drawing around 80 participants, October's workshop allowed the two sides to reiterate their dedication to comprehensive internationalization based on a foundation of interdisciplinary cooperation.

On October 12, the workshop began with NTU President Pan-Chyr Yang and UH Vice President Susanne Rupp presenting opening addresses. Invited speakers included Director General Jerry Shyh-Jye Jou of the Ministry of Science and Technology's Department of International Cooperation and Science Education and Director Stefanie Eschenlohr of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Information Center Taipei who shared information regarding the resources available for cooperation programs between Taiwan and Germany.

The participants divided into groups based on discipline for nine parallel sessions on October 13. During the sessions, the two faculties discussed upcoming projects and timetables as well as plans for teaching and research cooperation, faculty exchanges, graduate student exchanges, and joint Master's programs.