NTU HIGHLIGHTS December 2016  
  Special Report  

Luminaries' Life Stories Serve as Guideposts for Students

NTU Press published the ninth volume in its My Road to Learning Collection in September. Entitled NTU Lectures on Intellectual and Spiritual Pilgrimage (Vol. 9). the new book compiles the personal journeys of eight esteemed leaders of society who had previously shared their experiences and insights with the NTU community by delivering lectures as invited speakers of the university's My Road to Learning Lecture Series.
Over the 18 years since its establishment, the lecture series has brought more than a hundred luminaries to campus to tell their life stories and offer valuable thoughts. The lectures have served as guideposts that students can look to in understanding themselves and arranging their own life plans.
The university offers the general public many ways to learn about the twists and turns and rich learning experiences of the speakers' lives. In addition to being open to the public, the lectures have also been made available as videos through the NTU Speech website and in book form through NTU Press's My Road to Learning Collection.
The eight influential personages highlighted in the collection's latest volume come from the worlds of science, art, economics, and literature. By reading about how each of these figures demonstrated the courage to initiate new beginnings, readers come away inspired to write the next page in their own lives.
In "The Humble and Reserved Hematology Authority," we learn how Academia Sinica Academician Dr. Kenneth Kun-Yu Wu threw off the fear of adversity in his search for the infinite wisdom to be discovered in blood.
Readers see Shi-Chi Lee grow from a youth who once stood wavering with hesitation on the pier of Keelung Harbor into a great painter who brought beauty and variety to the art world in "A Companion to Taiwanese Modern Art."
In "The Mosquito Doctor Who Risked His Life for Malaria Prevention," we join Dr. Jih-Ching Lien, who devoted his life to the research of disease-vector mosquitoes, as he travels to malaria-stricken locales around the globe determined to defend the frontlines in the fight to prevent malaria despite nearly losing his life on several occasions.
"The Female Scientist Who Was Both Common and Extraordinary" reveals that, although Dr. Yu Wang accomplished many firsts as a woman in the world of science, her influential research transcended gender to stand out as her crowning achievement.
Chi Schive crisscrosses the worlds of academia, commerce, and politics, demonstrating his grasp of the subtleties of negotiation and compromise and leading the Taiwanese economy forward, in "Confessions of a Department of Economics Student."