Accessibility Information Added to Online Campus Map

The Office of General Affairs added accessibility information to Taida’s online campus map (http://map.ntu.edu.tw) in December as a way to facilitate the movement around campus of students, faculty members, and visitors who have disabilities. The map now shows the location of all of the campus’ access ramps and entrances, restrooms, elevators, and exclusive parking (for both cars and scooters) designed for use by people with disabilities.

In 2002, the OGA initiated a campaign to create barrier-free access to older buildings that were constructed before the concept of accessibility was understood. As of 2015, the vast majority of the campus’s buildings offered access ramps and restrooms for people with disabilities.

Following the inclusion of the accessibility information in December, the OGA sought recommendations from the map’s users based on their experiences and has since augmented the online map’s features to supply such useful information as photos of restroom interiors as well as the widths of restroom and elevator entrances.