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ICLP Students Demonstrate Mandarin Proficiency in Lantern Festival Performance

Nearly 100 Mandarin learners and other international students participated in a music and performance festival co-organized by NTU’s International Chinese Language Program during this year’s Taipei Lantern Festival on February 22. The event took place at the Taipei Expo Park under the theme “Happy Chinese Learning, Happy Lantern Festival” and was planned by the Ministry of Education in support of its international campaign to promote Taiwan as the ideal destination for studying Mandarin.

Students of the ICLP demonstrated their Mandarin proficiency through songs and readings of Lantern Festival riddles during the event, which also offered guided tours of the colorful lanterns on display at the venue.

Alicia Therese Parshall of the United States performed a translated version of the song “Where Is Your Boy” by the American rock band Fall Out Boys. Composer and ethnomusicologist Juliane Bridget Jones of the United States performed and sang two songs she composed in Mandarin, “Soul Sense” and “Hey, Shadow.”She was accompanied on cello by South Korean student Kyumin Lee.

Another American student, Meredith Nevler Derecho, performed and sang a Hakka folk song. Amanda Marie Bogan shared her impressions of the Lantern Festival and joined 15 other international students from countries including Norway, Japan, and the United States in reading Lantern Festival riddles.