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Multimedia Campus News Channel Goes Online

NTU Palm Groove News, an online news channel produced by NTU Library’s Multimedia Center, has gone online, bringing NTU into the era of we media, also known as self-media, which is a form of news created by individuals or small groups with no funding from a media organization or group.

The campus news outlet produces multimedia reporting that relies on video, multimedia graphics, animation, images, and text. Although the channel aims to cover mainly campus affairs, it also aspires to demonstrate concern for society at large and become a media platform that makes an impact.

The first edition of NTU Palm Groove News was filmed outdoors on the plaza outside the newly constructed College of Social Sciences Koo Chen-Fu Memorial Library. The platformhas already reported the efforts of an NTU Outstanding Youth Award recipient who promote the developmentof an accessible environment for disabled people, and a humorous photographer’s special tricks for capturing the smiles of NTU’s students and professors.

At present, all of the news anchors, reporters, and editors of NTU Palm Groove News are NTU students and faculty members. The news outlet is continuing to bolster its base by recruiting students of the Graduate Institute of Journalism, Department of Bio-Industry Communication and Development, and NTU’s Communications Program. It also hopes to attract students of other departments and graduate institutes who possess the time and desire to learn and create video journalism.

Moreover, the Multimedia Center and NTU Palm Groove News also plan to team up with a senior New York Times video journalist to co-organize activities that will bring even greater variety to the channel’s content, including video journalism workshops, enterprise-sponsored video journalism competitions, auditions for news anchors, profiles of campus personalities, as well asinterviews with NTU students and leaders of society.