Team Wins Agricultural Biotechnology Award in MOE Entrepreneurship Competition

A team of student biotechnologists competing against 15 teams from around the country won the Gold Medal in the Agricultural Biotechnology category as well as the Best Investment Award in the poster contest at the Ministry of Education’s annual Biotechnology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition on December 25.  

The team calling itself Nano Weapon Theranostics used nanomedicine technology to develop a drug for the treatment of animal cancer.  The team already possesses a technology and manufacturing patent for its targeted drug carrier.

According to the team, their system is capable of delivering drugs via different routes while at the same time regulating cancer-fighting medicine to achieve a slow and gradual release. This can significantly simplify the patient’s treatment process.  In the future, the team plans to further develop and deploy its technology for the human cancer drug market.

The MOE initiated the four-year Training Program on Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Biotechnology in 2014 in order to offer entrepreneurship training courses designed to prepare and encourage people with advanced degrees to form start-up teams.  The trainees also get to experience the realities of starting a business so that they can later join the nation’s biotechnology industry.

In coordination with the MOE program, the NTU Center of Biotechnology established the Agricultural Biotechnology Education and Training Center.  Each year, the center runs training courses for biotechnology startup teams for which it invites experienced businesspeople to serve as team consultants and provide individualized guidance and real-life training.

Thirteen teams from these courses have completed business operating plans over the last two years.  A student from the center’s first training course has already founded a firm whose core technology and value lies in its utilization of tissue cultivation and extraction technology to develop products from the highly-valuable fungus Taiwanofungus camphoratus.