Special Report  

NTU Joins M8 Alliance at World Health Summit

Last November, NTU became an official membership of the M8 Alliance of Academic Health Centers, Universities and National Academies.  The M8 Alliance is a global network of world-leading academic and research institutions that uses their combined medical expertise to lead the world in solving global health problems. The network provides the scientific foundation for the World Health Summit and organizes the influential summit meeting of global health experts each year.

Associate Dean of the College of Public Health Chang-Chaun Chan represented NTU at the 2015 World Health Summit in Berlin last October. During the event, the M8 Alliance elected NTU as an official member following the strong recommendation forwarded by the alliance’s co-president Shunichi Fukuhara.Fukuhara currently serves as Dean of Kyoto University’s School of Public Health and KU’sAssociate Dean of the Graduate School of Medicine.

Since the World Health Summit and M8 Alliance are focused on research related to global public health issues, the primary academic units that will attend from NTU are the College of Medicine, NTU Hospital, and the College of Public Health. In the future, however, NTU will consider the entire university system when it selects the most appropriate faculty members and researchers to participate in the annual summits and regional meetings aimed at devisinginnovative solutions to the problems addressed at the annual events.

The M8 Alliance’s prestigious membership comprises 19 universities and four research institutions from 16 countries. NTU’s participation in the international organization provides it a high-level platform for cooperation with renowned European public health educational and research institutions.