NTU HIGHLIGHTS August 2014  
Data Mining Professor Receives Young Scholar Innovation Award

Prof. Shou-De Lin of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering and Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia has received the Young Scholar Innovation Award from the Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship. The foundation established the award with the aim of encouraging young scholars under the age of 40 to develop the courage to innovate as well as pursue probing, long-term research projects. This is the second year that the foundation has presented this award. (Applicants are required to submit a report introducing their innovative and impactful research concept.)

In his report, titled "Bridging Machine Learning Theory and Practice for Big Data Analytics," Prof. Lin presented an innovative data mining research approach that can be used to process massive volumes of data. Prof. Lin’s concepts cover the following key topics: designing mechanisms capable of operating machine learning modules in distributed environments; processing massive volumes of noisy or untagged heterogeneous data from different sources; processing data volumes that exceed storage capacity; as well as efficiently identifying the optimal data mining models for specific applications, developing strategies for correspondent adjustment parameters, and devising machine learning integration modules that achieve greater scope.

Since joining the faculty of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering in 2007, Prof. Lin has devoted his research to data analysis and data mining. His research findings have also been applied to the study of social network data analysis and the processing of natural language. Prof. Lin has won multiple international awards, including research awards from Google, Microsoft, and the Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development (a field office of the United States Air Force Office of Scientific Research), as well as numerous best paper awards at international conferences. Prof. Lin has also transferred to industry many of the technologies behind his social network data mining tools and recommendation system modules.

In this era of big data, Prof. Lin's innovative research is not only garnering attention within the academic community, his research focuses are fundmental to the urgent needs of the competitive world of business enterprise.