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Writing Workshop is aiming at providing help to NTU students with their difficulties in writing of English. Currently we provide short term writing courses and free individual writing consultation during term time. There are also some online resources available at our website


NTU Online English Program (OEP) is an internet practicing lesson designed to raise the English ability of our students. It is a required course for all undergraduates.

The learning website is created and maintained by Foreign Learning Teaching & Learning Resource Center.


English Freeway is a free English learning website going online in May 2005. There are many self-study resources including BBC programs, satellite television programs, and Advanced magazine’s audio or video, and script or exercises. Links to selected learning websites are introduced, and other resources such as online self-examinations may also be found. For more information please go to


There is currently language learning software available at R104, R105, and R302 including Tell Me More, English Grammar in Use, Clarity English, E-Touch and MyET.

“Tell Me More” is an interactive program for English Listening and Speaking practices; “English Grammar in Use” is designed for Grammar practices by Cambridge University Press; “MyET” is a software designed to raise English Speaking ability. Its Automatic Speech Analysis System can analyze your speech and provide suggestions to your pronunciation.

A series of Clarity English courses are as follows.

Study Skills Success Study Skills Success is for all students who wish to improve their academic study skills. The eight units are: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Research, Visuals, Grammar and Vocabulary. Each unit begins with presentation and input activities, progressing to a series of practice exercises.
Tense Buster Tense Buster helps learners improve their understanding of key grammar areas from Elementary level right through to Advanced. The program is ideal as a self access resource, or integrated into a course of study and used for classwork or homework.
Road to IELTS Road to IELTS includes 120 hours of intensive work on vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and speaking, helping learners to develop their skills to the levels necessary to succeed in the IELTS exam.
Active Reading Active Reading is to present texts which are relevant, lively and stimulating. Topics range from eco-tourism to buried treasure to internet posts on wireless gaming. These are the contexts in which learners work on a whole range of reading skills: prediction, topic sentences, vocab strategies, skimming and scanning.
Business Writing Online Business Writing takes an interactive approach to helping course participants produce effective emails, letters, reports, and other business documents. It focuses on the nuts and bolts of writing: the writing process, clarity, appropriacy, vocabulary, grammar, and understanding the purpose and structure of the target text type.


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