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    Department Chair and Professor of Economics, National Taiwan University

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   on Catching Cheating Students(NBER WP 21628)

    CBS ; Harvard Crimson; Business Insider

   on the Long Term Effect of 1918 Influenza (JHE 2014)

    Side Effects of 1918 Flu Seen Decades Later by Adi Narayan, Time Magazine Oct 2009

    on Missing Women (AER 2008):

   Wall Street Journal May 22, 2008 1

   林行止專欄 林行止 2008-05-22

   VOX Columns (a policy portal set up by the Centre for Economic Policy Research)

   Too many Boys, by Esther Duflo

   Missing women in South Asia and China: Biology or discrimination? by Stephan Klasen Journalism and Science by Stephan Klasen

   諾貝爾的爭論 我學者平息  中國時報(China Times) 2009.06.02





by 家昀

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Paper on Missing Women

More Missing Women, Fewer Dying Girls: The Impact of Abortion on Sex at Birth and relative Female Mortality in Taiwan,

     With J. T Liu and Nancy Qian(2014).  Journal of the European Economic Association, pp12(4), 899-926.

Can Hepatitis B Mothers Account for the Number of Missing Women? Evidence from Three Million Newborns in Taiwan,

      With Ming-Ching Luoh(2008), American Economic Review, 98(5), pp 2259-2273.


Fun Pictures: Why are women missing?

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Life is a Journey

"Life is a journey, one that is better  travel with companions by our side....You see, human beings are designed for many things,

 but loneliness is not one of them" - Desperate Housewives


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