臺灣大學 心理學古典儀器 NTU Historical Psychological Apparatus (觸覺計) (ガルトン調子笛) (Reflexohmeter) (Lehmann's 目測計) (觸覺試験器) (最小可聴音検査器) (ランシュブルク式記憶実験器) (節拍器) (Memory Drum) (fixation point) (矩形変化器) ( 動眼筋模型) (Chronometer) (錯視圖) (Form Board) (立體照相機) (Trial Set) (絵画完成検查器) (Pictorial Completion Test II) (記憶器 , Jastrow's) (Hempel's mirror apparatus) (Baumgarten's Tremometer) (Moede's Tremometer) (求積儀) (電影攝影機) (三用電表) (麥克風) (握力計) (轉速計) (Meter) (檢流計) (Counter, Electric.)



Ebbinghaus-style esthesiometer

エビングハウスの触覚計 , Ästhesiometer nach Ebbinghaus.

エビングハウスの触覚計 (京都大学 Collection)


http://www.littera.waseda.ac.jp/enshu22/ben/index.html 二点弁別閾の実験

Esthesiometer - Wikipedia

Experimental psychology and pedagogy for teachers, normal colleges, and universities / Schulze Rudolf, London : George Allen (1912)

General psychology / Hunter Walter Samuel, Chicago : Univ. Press (1922)


Galton Whistle

ガルトン調子笛 , (Galtonpfeifchen nach Edelmann. Neneste Konstruktion.)

Edelman - Muchen  (1928-1945)

実験心理学  / 大槻快尊著,東京:成美堂,明治 44.9 (1911)

実験心理学講義  / 野上俊夫,上野陽一著,東京:同文館,明治 42.9 (1909)

輓近心理學大集成 / 三浦藤作編,東京:中興館書店,大正12[1923] ガルトン氏の笛 #371

音響心理學.第14篇 / 廣瀨錦一 著,東京:學藝社,昭和7-9[1932-34] ガルトン笛 #46

Experimental psychology : a manual of laboratory practice / Titchener Edward Bradford, New York ; London : Macmillan (1901)

Laboratory equipment for psychological experiments / Judd Charles Hubbard, New York : C. Scribner's sons (1907)

A text-book of psychology / Titchener Edward Bradford, New York : Macmillan (1910)

Psychological experiments / Breitwieser Joseph Valentine, Colorado Springs, Colo., Apex Book Co. (1914)

The Psychology of Musical Talent / Carl Emil Seashore , Silver, Burdett and Company (1919) p39

Miller, D. C. (1926). The Science of Musical Sounds. New York: MacMillan.

http://www.kobayasi-riken.or.jp/news/No33/33_2.htm ガルトンの超音波笛(エーゲルマンパイプ)

Galton Whistle (Edelmann) , (AHAP) Apparatus Collection  ,  Flickr 上的 Galton Whistle

Ultrasonic pipe (Galton's pipe) University of Innsbruck Collection

Supersonic Whistle ( Harvard Collection)

Galton Whistle ( Oxford Collection )

Galton's Whistle (Florida State College equipment)


Galton whistle - Wikipedia

Reflexohmeter, Darrow's.

C.H.STOELTING(1928-1945) No.24209A


DARROW, CHESTER W., The Reflexohmeter (Pocket Type)., Journal of General Psychology, 10 (1934) p.238-239

DARROW, CHESTER W., Uniform Current for Continuous, Standard Unit Resistance Records., Journal of General Psychology, 6 (1932) p.471-473

DARROW, CHESTER W., Continuous Quantitative Records in Standard Units by the Wheatstone Bridge Method., Journal of General Psychology, 4 (1930) p.418-420

Reflexohmeter, Darrow's. The need for an apparatus which would indicate the galvanic reactions to actual life situations, outside the laboratory, led to the construction of this instrument. It offers a pocket-size Behavior Research Resistance Box, plus a highly stable and moderately sensitive galvanometer (about .3 to .6 millimeter deflection per 1000 ohms change) for observing resistance levels and galvanic reactions. This instrument may be carried in the coat pocket, or open in the hand, or resting on the lap, the wires being run up the coat sleeve from electrodes on one hand. The subject may observe his own reactions or an observer may accompany the Subject, recording resistance levels, reactions, and the nature of the stimulating situations.
The illustration of the instrument on page 29 is largely self-explanatory. The Behavior Research Resistance Box circuit, with a recording range of 200,000 ohms is here used with a small microammeter, calibrated to read in 1000 ohm steps. An adjustable standard series resistance in 20,000 ohm steps permits maintaining sufficient resistance in the subject's arm of the bridge to keep the galvanometer within the dial range. A battery of three vest-pocket flash light cells give a uniform current of .0409 milliamperes through the subject's arm of the bridge at balance. As in the other form of the Behavior Research Resistance Box, used in No. 24208, the subject's resistance at any time equals the 100,000 or 200,000 ohms recording range (balance). minus the resistance in series with the subject. plus or minus (as the case may be) the deflection in ohms indicated by the galvanometer pointer on the scale.
The wide applicability of this stable pocket size galvanometer equipment is shown by a preliminary study of galvanic reactions while automobile driving. The powerful effect of any situation requiring the mobilization of the driver's energies, such as the sudden slowing of another car in front, the attempt to pass another car on the road, the sudden appearance of a pedestrian in the road, or the sound of a policeman's whistle is clearly demonstrated. A study of the resistance levels of the galvanometer reactions (larger than 1000 ohms) during the actual activities and perturbations of daily life, rather than within the limits of artificial laboratory situations is made possible by this instrument. A part of No. 24217 simple electrodes is supplied with each instrument.


Woodworth, R.S., & Schlosberg, H. (1954). Experimental Psychology. (2nd ed.). New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston.

Lehmann' Eye Estimation Test Apparatus

Lehmann's apparatus for the accurate testing of the visual estimate

(Apparat zur Genauigkeitsprüfung des Augenmaßes nach Lehmann)


Tester for the accuracy of visual estimate according to Lehmann

http://www.takei-si.co.jp/productinfo/detail/110.html レーマン式目測計

性能檢查法  / 陳選善、吳友孝著,上海:中華職業教育社,民國19 (1930) p18 精密目測計

適性考查法  / 增田幸一著,東京市:三友社,昭和7[1932]

Vorlesungen zur Einführung in die experimentelle Pädagogik und ihre psychologischen Grundlagen / Meumann Ernst , Leipzig : Engelmann (1911)


Schulze's Touch Tester , 觸覺試験器

Tester for tactile sense (thigmaestesia) according to Schulze (Tastsinnprüfer nach Schulze)


( AHAP Apparatus Collection )



Du Bois-Reymond-type Inductorium

最小可聴音検査器(横形)(Schlitteninduktions Apparat nach Du Bois-Reymond)


実験心理学  / 大槻快尊著,東京:成美堂,明治 44.9 (1911)

実験心理写真帖  / 東京帝国大学文科大学心理学教室編 ,東京:弘道館,明治43.12

実験心理学講義  / 野上俊夫,上野陽一著,東京:同文館,明治 42.9 (1909)

精神的動作  / 松本亦太郎著,東京:六合館,大正3 (1914)

輓近心理學大集成 / 三浦藤作編,東京:中興館書店,大正12[1923] デユボアレイモン氏滑動感應器 #376

Experimental psychology : a manual of laboratory practice / Titchener Edward Bradford, New York ; London : Macmillan (1901)

The measurement of induction shocks; a manual for the quantitative use of Faradic stimuli / Martin  Ernest Gale, New York: J. Wiley & Sons (1912)

A text-book of human physiology / Brubaker, Albert Philson, Philadelphia, P. Blakiston's Son & Co. (1904)

最小可聴音検査器 (京都大学 Collection)

Directions for class work in practical physiology, elementary physiology of muscle and nerve and of the vascular and nervous systems / Sharpey-Schäfer, Edward Albert, Sir, 1850-1935, New York, London [etc.] Longmans, Green, and co (1901)

Titchener's Photo Album: An Important Source on Early Psychological Instrument Makers (Rand B. Evans)
Hasler's model of Du Bois-Reymond's Inductorium

Du Bois-Reymond-type Inductorium ( Harvard Collection )

Schlitteninduktorium ( Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Collection )


Ranschburg memory device

ランシュブルク式記憶実験器 , ランシュブルクのメモリードラム


ランシュブルクのメモリードラム (京都大学 Collection)

Ranschburg memory device ( University of Toronto Collection)


Memory Apparatus with discs (AHAP)

Laboratorio di Storia della Psicologia (Virtual Repository of Scientific Instruments)

Pál Ranschburg – Wikipedia

(Prof. Dr. Sommer, Die Ausstellung von experimental - psychologischen Apparaten und Methoden bei dem 1, Kongreß für experimentelle Psychologie in Gießen, 1904).
Nr. 16. Zimmermann-Leipzig: Apparat zur Untersuchung der Auffassung, Assoziation und des Gedächtnisses nach Ranschburg.

1901: Apparat und Methode zur Untersuchung des optischen Gedächtnisses für medizinische und pädagogisch-psychologische Zwecke. Monatsschrift für Psychiatrie und Neurologie, Berlin 10 (5), 321-333

1902: Über Hemmungen gleichzeitiger Reizwirkungen. Experimenteller Beitrag zur Lehre von den Bedingungen der Aufmerksamkeit. Zeitschrift für Psychologie und Physiologie der Sinnesorgane, Leipzig, 30, 39-86

実験心理学  / 大槻快尊著,東京:成美堂,明治 44.9 (1911)

實驗心理學 / 增田惟茂 著,東京:岩波書店,昭和8[1933] 記憶研究法 #217

輓近心理學大集成 / 三浦藤作編,東京:中興館書店,大正12[1923] ランシュブルヒ記憶實驗 #627

ランシュブルク式記憶実験器 ( 新潟大学 Collection )


ランシュブルク式記憶実験器 http://museum-eng.eng.niigata-u.ac.jp/psychology/P8.jpg


A text-book of psychology / Titchener Edward Bradford, New York : Macmillan (1910)


Experimental psychology and pedagogy for teachers, normal colleges, and universities / Schulze Rudolf, London : George Allen (1912)


Recent Experiments In Psychology / Crafts, Leland. W; Schneirla, Theodore. C; Robinson, Elsa. E; Gilbert, Ralph. W, McGraw-Hill Book Company, Inc. (1950)


86. The Ranschburg memory drum. By means of this apparatus, the subject may be presented with various types of material to be memorized, the exposures being set at various time intervals.
87. Apparatus for measuring the reaction times for reproducing memorized lists, such as nonsense syllables. The subject speaks into the microphone on the left the word which he associates with the one on the memory drum. The reaction time is recorded by the Hipp chronoscope, which measures time in one thousandths of a second.

Psychological atlas : with 400 illustrations. / David Katz, New York : Philosophical Library (1948)




Metronome with mercury contact (Metronom mit Quecksilberkontakten)



実験心理学  / 大槻快尊著,東京:成美堂,明治 44.9 (1911)

実験心理写真帖  / 東京帝国大学文科大学心理学教室編 ,東京:弘道館,明治43.12

Metronome ( Harvard Collection )

Metronome (Florida State College equipment)

Metronome with Interrupting Device (Institute of Psychology, Czech Republic)


http://museum-eng.eng.niigata-u.ac.jp/b/1/I-1p18.jpg メトロノーム (metronome)

A text-book of psychology / Titchener Edward Bradford, New York : Macmillan (1910)

Manual of mental and physical tests / Whipple Guy Montrose, Baltimore : Warwick & York (1924)

Experimental psychology and pedagogy for teachers, normal colleges, and universities / Schulze Rudolf, London : George Allen (1912)


Memory Drum

Ralph Gerbrands Company.

Memory Drum , (AHAP) Apparatus Collection - Measurement & Equipment

Memory Drum  ( Harvard Collection )

Virtual Laboratory of Psychology: Gerbrand´s Memory Drum

Woodworth, R.S., & Schlosberg, H. (1954). Experimental Psychology. (2nd ed.). New York: Holt, Rinehart & Winston.

A memory drum, which is a device for the controlled presentation of verbal (or other) materials, is widely used in the study of verbal learning and retention. The memory drum presents the items of a list at a controlled rate-for example, one item every two seconds. Nonsense syllables are often used as the learning materials in order to control the differences among subjects in prior familiarity with the materials. Many of the results which have been found in the case of nonsense materials also hold for meaningful materials. (Courtesy of Ralph Gerbrands.)
Psychology Understanding Human Behavior / Quinn Sartain Aaron, John North Alvin, Roy Strange Jack, McGraw Hill (1958) p249

Edward J. Haupt, "The First Memory Drum," The American Journal of Psychology 114, No. 4 (Winter, 2001): 601-622


(Fallschirm zur Darbietung des Fixationspunktes.) Parachute to performance of the fixation point

SPINDLER & HOYER G.m.b.H. GÖTTINGEN (1928-1945) Nr.228

Wirth's apparatus for varying the size and shape of a rectangle , (ヴイルト氏) 矩形変化器

(Apparat zur Variation eines Rechteckes hinsichtlich seiner Form und Größe nach Wirth)


Über Tiefenlokalisation von Doppelbildern / Richard Arwed Pfeifer, Leipzig : Wilhelm Engelmann, 1906

Ophthalmotrope (Model of the muscles of the eye) , 動眼筋模型


Ophthalmotrope ( Harvard Collection )

Experimental psychology : a manual of laboratory practice / Titchener Edward Bradford, New York ; London : Macmillan (1901)

Handbuch der physiologischen Optik / Helmholtz, Hermann von, Leipzig : Leopold Voss (1867)

Grundzüge der physiologischen Psychologie / Wundt Wilhelm Max , Leipzig : Engelmann (1893)

Wade N J, Sakurai K, Gyoba J, 2007, "Whither Wundt?" Perception 36(2) 163 – 166

A technical eye inspired by biology -- Brandt 129 (4): 1070 -- Brain (2006)

" Helmholtz used ophthalmotrope (above) in 19th-century study of vision. Descartes offered a 16th-century explanation of the eye (see below):... "
Are We Finding a Way to Study the Action of the Mind: Annual Meeting, 26-31 December, Berkeley Science, New Series, Vol. 150, No. 3698 (Nov. 12, 1965), pp. 922-924

Ophthalmotrope. An excellent device for making clear the action of the extrinsic muscles of the eye. The cords of different colors, representing the muscles, run over pulleys and are kept taut by weights. The eye models are mounted on ball-and-socket joints and so are easily adjustable. The right eye is furnished with a rod, at the end of which is attached a disk indicating the field of view. A special upright with a pulley and counterpoise permits easy adjustment of the disk representing the field of view.


Chronometer, Graphic. Jacquet's

Chronometer (AHAP Apparatus Collection - Measurement & Recording)  ,
Flickr 上的 Chronometer / Microtimer

Jaquet's graphic chronometer (Institute of Psychology, Czech Republic)

Stoelting, C. H. (1928-1945) No.20232

実験心理学  / 大槻快尊著,東京:成美堂,明治 44.9 (1911)

輓近心理學大集成 / 三浦藤作編,東京:中興館書店,大正12[1923] ジヤツケ-氏計時器 #749

A text-book of experimental psychology / Myers Charles Samuel , New York : Longmans ,Green (1909)

Experimental psychology : a manual of laboratory practice / Titchener Edward Bradford, New York ; London : Macmillan (1901)

Experimental pharmacology / Jackson Dennis Emerson, St. Louis : Mosby (1917)

Zeitschrift für Pädagogische Psychologie und experimentelle Pädagogik. Volume: 19 (1918)

The psychology of feeling and emotion, Ruckmick, Christian Alban, New York : McGraw-Hill (1936)

Illusion Shapes , optical illusion tester


The new psychology / Scripture E.W.(Edward Wheeler), London W. Scott (1897)

Studies from the Yale Psychological Laboratory / Yale University. Psychological Laboratory, Volume: 1-5 (1893)

実験新心理学  / スクリプチュア-著,塚原政次訳 東京:富山房,1901.11



http://www.michaelbach.de/ot/sze_muelue/index.html Müller-Lyer Illusion

http://www.takei-si.co.jp/productinfo/detail/114.html 錯視図

http://www.littera.waseda.ac.jp/enshu22/mul/index.html ミューラー-リヤーの錯視の実験

Muller-Lyer Illusion (AHAP Apparatus Collection )


Form Board

Stoelting, C. H. (1928-1945) No.27156 , No.27158

The form board test / Sylvester, Reuel Hull, Psychological review company (1913)

Vorlesungen zur Einführung in die experimentelle Pädagogik und ihre psychologischen Grundlagen / Meumann Ernst , Leipzig : Engelmann (1913)

Manual of mental and physical tests / Whipple Guy Montrose, Baltimore : Warwick & York (1924)

實驗心理學精義 / 久保良英 著,東京:中文館書店,昭和2,7[1927,32] #85

實驗兒童心理  / 蕭孝嶸著,上海:中華書局,民國22 (1933) p36

簫孝嶸修訂墨跋量表  / 簫孝嶸著,上海 : 商務印書館,民國26 [1937]

心理與教育測量  / 王書林著,上海:商務印書館,民國24 (1935) p240

A textbook of experimental and  theoretical psychology / Skaggs Ernest Burton ,The Christopher Publishing House, Boston, U. S. A. (1935)

Modern Child Psychology / Bowley, Agatha H.. , Hutchinsons University Press. (1948)

Stereo Camera

Ica Polyscop 6x13 cm



Ica Polyscop Nr. 609


Stereoscopic Photography / Judge,Arthur W., Chapman And Hall Limited (1935)


Trial Set , トライアルセツト

Stoelting, C. H. (1928-1945) No.12111

optical trial set ( Harvard Collection )

Manual of mental and physical tests / Whipple Guy Montrose, Baltimore : Warwick & York (1924)

Flickr 上的 Lenses for Keystone Telebinocular

Trial Set. This set consists of the trial frame used in No. 12107, 6 pairs each convex and concave spheres and cylinders, 1 each Maddox rod, stenopaic slit, pin-hole disk, blank disk, and a red disk. Complete in black seal-leather pocket case 9x5(1/2)x3/4 in.

Pictorial Completion Test I , 絵画完成検查器

Stoelting, C. H. (1928-1945) No.34053

適性考查法  / 增田幸一著,東京市:三友社,昭和7[1932]バ-フオ-マンス試驗檢査

心理與教育測量  / 王書林著,上海:商務印書館,民國24(1935) p250 補圖測驗

General psychology / Hunter Walter Samuel, Chicago : Univ. Press (1922)

A scale of performance tests / Rudolf Pintner , Donald Gildersleeve Paterson , New York : D. Appleton and Co (1917)

The picture completion test / Pintner Rudolf, Anderson Margaret M, Baltimore : Warwick & York, inc (1917)

William Healy, A Pictorial Completion Test, Psychological Review, 21(1914) : p189-203

Pictorial Completion Test I, Healy's. A brightly colored picture, about 10 x14 in., representing an outdoor scene with ten discrete activities. The picture is mounted on well-seasoned three-ply wood with cloth backing. Ten objects have been removed from the picture and mounted on blocks to be replaced by the subject in order to complete the meaning of the separate activities. Besides these ten pieces there are forty additional insets, thirty of them bearing different objects and ten being blank. The picture and insets are furnished in a well made wooden case.

Pictorial Completion Test II

Stoelting, C. H. (1928-1945) No.34054

Healy completion test ( Harvard Collection )

Healy, W., Pictorial Completion Test II, Journal of Applied Psychology. 5(3):225-239, September 1921

Early I.Q. Test (  Kansas Historical Society )

Pictorial Completion Test II, Healy's. On the order of No. 34053, but more difficult. This test depicts the successive scenes from the day's activities of a school boy. The test is made up in two sections and mounted on well-seasoned three-ply wood with cloth backing. The first section contains a demonstration picture and four test pictures. The remaining six pictures are in the other section. There are 60 insets, each numbered and placed in a definite location in the bottom of the wooden case.

Memory Apparatus , Jastrow's improved form. (ジャストロ) 記憶器

Stoelting, C. H. (1928-1945) No.21105

実験心理学  / 大槻快尊著,東京:成美堂,明治 44.9 (1911)

Experimental psychology : a manual of laboratory practice / Titchener Edward Bradford, New York ; London : Macmillan (1901)

Manual of mental and physical tests / Whipple Guy Montrose, Baltimore : Warwick & York (1921)

Memory Apparatus, Jatrow's; improved form. This model is a modernization of the well-known memory apparatus originally devised by Prof. Joseph Jastrow. of the Dept. of Psychology of the University of Wisconsin, and manufactured by us for the last thirty years. It makes very little noise and embodies all the latest and best in present-day mechanics. We have retained all the good features of the old model and added a number of new ones which we are sure will be appreciated by those who have had experience with the wood models. The entire apparatus is now made of metal and mounted on a heavy iron base. The screen is made of aluminum, with a dull finish, and provided with grooved guides, placed horizontally, for taking a series of diaphragms and slides that meet all the requirements of memory work. Operation of the apparatus is from the rear—out of sight of the class. The device for raising the card-holder provides movements of 1/2, 1, 1(1/2), and 2 in. in extent, and permits instant return of the holder to the original position by the mere depression of a lever. The shutter gives a clear aperture of 2 in. high and 6 in. wide, and is opened and closed by depressing and releasing a lever on one side of the apparatus. For extended exposure and final release a trip and setting lever are located on the other side of the rear. The stimulus card is slipped into the card-holder from the top between the two projecting grooved guides. It makes no difference whether the card-holder is at the top or at the bottom during the process. This memory apparatus also takes the place of the Chicago University memory drum which we formerly manufactured. Instructions for operation accompany each apparatus.

Hempel's mirror apparatus for the exhibition of larger pictures

(Spiegelapparat zur Exposition größerer Bilder nach Hempel)


Hempel, G., Spiegelapparate zur Exposition optischer Reize. Zentralblatt für Nervenheilkunde und Psychiatrie. Jahrgang Neue Folge 18. 1907. S. 619.

Klinik für psychische und nervöse Krankheiten, Robert Sommer, C. Marhold., 1908

Tremometer according to Baumgarten

Tremometer nach Baumgarten


體育心理學 / 松井三雄 著,東京:目黑書店,昭和5[1930] 追跡檢查器械 #145

Tremometer according to Moede to determine the accuracy and steadyness of the hand.

(Tremometer nach Moede, zur Bestimmung der Ruhe und Sicherheit der Hand.)


326. A steadiness tester. The subject is given a stylus with which to trace various paths. A demerit is given when either side of the slit is touched.
Psychological atlas : with 400 illustrations. / David Katz, New York : Philosophical Library (1948)

Psychological Atlas



面積計 , プラニメータ (Planimeter) , Polarplanimeter


Polar Planimeter ( Oxford Collection )

Planimeter - Wikipedia

The polar planimeter and its use in engineering calculations together with tables, diagrams and factors for the immediate adjustment of the instrument for the solution of problems ... etc., etc., etc. - Wheatley J. Y. (Joseph Yendes), New York : Keuffel & Esser co (1903)

Mechanical integrators, including the various forms of planimeters - Shaw, Henry S. H. (Henry Selby Hele), New York : D. Van Nostrand (1886)


http://museum-eng.eng.niigata-u.ac.jp/physics/1/planimeter.jpg 面積計 (planimeter)

http://www.kobayasi-riken.or.jp/news/No87/87_3.htm プラニメータ(面積計測器)

http://www.uibk.ac.at/exphys/museum/html/details/mech/plani.html.en Amsler's planimeter

http://www.uni-greifswald.de/~wwwmathe/RTS/rh200129.html Polarplanimeter

Planimeter (Yale Peabody Museum Collection)


movie camera

Ica-Kinamo 35mm ( 獨逸イカー會社の三十五ミリ活動寫真機 )

臺北帝大 動寫真機寄贈  

           松本鋧三氏提供した  奬勵金から本社購入

                                                        昭和十年(1935)十二月七日    臺灣日日新報


心理學教室 使ひたい につき臺北帝大飯沼龍遠教授




Emanuel Goldberg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Buckland, Michael. “The Kinamo camera, Emanuel Goldberg, and Joris Ivens.” Film History 20 (1) (2008): 49-58.

Michael K. Buckland, Emanuel Goldberg and his Knowledge Machine (Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2006). For consideration of the Kinamo, see Chapter 8: Ica and the Kinamo, 88–98.




NEIC 日本電気計器株式会社. TRA-18 型テスター




Microphone (carbon microphone) , マイクロホン


Marconi-Reisz Microphone ( Oxford Collection )

Microphone - Wikipedia



Development of the Microphone, Bell Telephone Quarterly, Vol. X, 1931

U.S. Patent number: 1634210 Diaphragmless microphone, Reisz, June 28, 1927

NHK放送博物館 【所蔵資料】マルコーニ ライツ型 マイクロフォン(1927)





Dynamometer for pressure and tension http://vlp.mpiwg-berlin.mpg.de/Search

Introduction to experimental method for psychology and the social sciences. / Townsend, John C.,  1952

Hand Tachometer


Tachometer - Wikipedia


Meter (聽力、光度)


性能檢查法  / 陳選善、吳友孝著,上海:中華職業教育社,民國19 (1930) p13

適性考查法  / 增田幸一著,東京市:三友社,昭和7[1932] (聽力計)

性能檢查法  / 陳選善、吳友孝著,上海:中華職業教育社,民國19 (1930) p20

適性考查法  / 增田幸一著,東京市:三友社,昭和7[1932] (光度辨別檢查器)

Sensitive Pointer Galvanometer

( Siemens & Halske )

Galvanometer - Wikipedia

Special Catalogue of the Joint Exhibition of German Mechanicians and Opticians (1900)

Counter, Electric.

Stoelting, C. H. (1928-1945) No.22407


Counter, Electric. This electric counter has withstood the test of time and is the only type of electric counter likely to give satisfaction in the Psychological Laboratory or Clinic for tapping and similar operations of a high degree of rapidity. It has been used in laboratories and clinics for the last twenty-five or thirty years and to date nothing in the shape of a counter has been devised that approaches it in reliability and convenience. The dial is graduated in 100 divisions, and the counter will register 9999 and may be set to zero from any point on the dial. A 6V. battery furnishes the necessary current.

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