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1. (#10) How many days will he wait to call?
2. (#8) If you hook up with a guy the first night, do you ruin your chances at a relationship?
3. (#7) How to dump a guy without totally breaking his heart.
4. (#5) How do guys really feel about being asked out by a girl?
5. (#2) Why do guys flock to my not-that-cute friend?
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Introduction and closing:
weekly dose of
dating advice
advice column
our "guy guru"
no problem is too big...
best of all
sex and relationship advice
to pick up
latest ( = most recent)
to tune into
Cosmos radio
Sirius satellite radio
great Cosmo tips
juicy question
insightful answer
to be dying to know
to be produced by
to be engineered by

1. (#10)
I'm wondering...
at what point
to accept
to hear from someone
standard number of days
to tend to be
the Golden Rule
to sweat a little
not so long that
ever having met someone
to have to learn the hard way
chick ( = girl, woman, as dating material)
to write s.o. off as
to avoid
to stick to
very next day
to have the logic that
too fried to (= too exhausted, burned out)
to tackle
to give up
max ( = maximum)
to be overseas
top-secret government work
to be locked in s.o.'s basement
there's no good excuse why

2. (#8)
the first night
to ruin all chances of
to get into a relationship
to hurt them in a major way
collective groan
not to realize something
in the heat of the moment
would rather you
to hop into the sack
it's as simple as this
so damn goal-oriented
once...what else...?
to travel the hook-up highway
what else is there to strive for
to achieve the impossible
threesome or foursome
not to mention the fact that
to give it up so soon
to wonder
booty call material
in his mind
a girl he can take home to Mom
don't stress
plenty of stories of
to lead to
long-term relationship
more than likely
to kick it with
a random dude
to receive a follow-up phone call
from this point forward
there's that...again

3. (#7)
the sweetest thing ever
ideal situation
except for the fact that
I'm not into him at all
to dump s.o.
to break s.o.'s heart
without any guilt
keep dreaming
breaking up
pop stars
little tricks
to soften the blow
dump him the way you'd want to be dumped
to start by
to pump up his confidence
I just want you to know that...
a great guy
to feel so lucky to have gotten to
know you
to deal your deadly venom
in a way that
to subtly shift the blame to you
to be right for each other
to need any more explanation than that
most likely
to go down that road
to stick to the same reason
like a mantra
to get tired of Ving
to let go

4. (#5)
OK, be honest
to feel about
to be asked out by
to make the first move
hell, yeah
not entirely true, though
something happens
in the male mind
to pose
we all assume that
scorchingly sexy
centerfold type
for a scenario to play out in the real world
can't help Ving
to feel slightly uncomfortable
don't get me wrong
we're flattered that you asked
we question why you had to
would like to think
the hottest thing on the market
since Jennifer Aniston became single again
in other words
so desirable that
to have to ask for a date
your waiting list is already too long
now this doesn't mean that
to sit back
to paint your toenails
to hope for
text message from s.o.
to use a more subtly suggestive approach
to make it seem as if it were his brilliant idea
try something like:
so what are you up to this weekend
to go have a drink
one of these days
the least bit into you
not a freaking moron
most likely
to take the bait

5. (#2)
to get hit on
all the damn time
not even that cute
to flock to s.o.
"I (heart) fellatio"
Yup. It's that simple.
pointy-toe shoes
perfectly straightened hair
bowling ball breasts
good sense of humor
to have fun with
to take two hours to get ready
let me guess...
to laugh
to be comfortable in her own skin
to sound like
dream girl
to ooze sexuality
that said,...
I have a sneaking suspicion that
your real question
to let you in on
three huge turn-offs
to seem
to look desperate
to doubt
any of these
either way,...
instead of
to knock ( = put down, insult)
to learn from s.o.

Listening comprehension questions:
1. According to this advice podcast, what is a possible reaction in the girl if a guy calls too soon? How should a girl respond if a guy takes more than eight days to call, and why?
2. Why, according to this advice podcast, is it difficult for a long-term relationship to follow when a woman "hooks up" with a man on the first date?
3. What suggestions does this advice podcast give on minimizing hurt to the other person when you want to break up with someone?
4. According to this podcast, do men like to be asked out by women? What is often assumed when this question is asked? What is the reality of men's reactions when they are asked out?
5. What is "booty call material"? What is the opposite of this kind of girl?
6. What possible reasons are suggested in this podcast for why the caller's/writer's friend seems to attract men so easily? What adjustments does the podcast host advise the caller to make in herself?
7. Which of the responses and suggestions that you heard in these podcasts do you agree with, which do you disagree with, and why?
8. What are the main social functions of women's magazines like Cosmopolitan? What are the positive and negative points of such magazines?