Listening exercise
Satirical song: "Jerry Falwell's God" (II)
Words and music by Roy Zimmerman © 2004
Watch and listen to the YouTube video here:

     Having checked the references and vocabulary words in Roy Zimmerman's song "Jerry Falwell's God", you are now ready to think about and answer the following questions. Relisten to the video until you can understand the entire song and you have a good feeling for the message you think Zimmerman is trying to convey. If you still have questions, bring them to class for discussion or post them over the class e-mail list.
     If you enjoy Zimmerman's style of musical satire and this kind of English-learning challenge, try listening to some more of his songs on the YouTube site by following links on the above page.

Listening comprehension and thought questions:
1. What do you think is Zimmerman actually criticizing when he talks about "Jerry Falwell's god"? Is it just the Christian God?
2. List the differences in this presentation between "Jerry Falwell's god" and "Jesus", and also what each would do in various situations. How do you account for these differences, considering both are supposedly aspects of the Christian God?
3. Collect all the jokes and puns you can find in the introduction and song and explain why they are funny.
4. Give all the examples you can find in which Zimmerman makes fun of biblical King James English.
5. Explain what you think the ending of the song means.
6. What is your personal reaction to this song?