Listening exercise
The New York Times Video: Vows: Andrew and David

Andrew Lippa and David Bloch decided to have a commitment ceremony
for their anniversary when along came the California ruling.

we don't always agree, him and he
I'm not always so nice...
to marry
to be in sync
the potential for
same-sex marriage
the state of California
to follow
right after
to go through one's whole life
to expect
in the eyes of
equal member
David Bloch
Andrew Lippa
Lincoln Center
New York
LA = Los Angeles
movie premier
to cast
mutual friend
to appear
from around the corner
music, angels, harps, singing, glitter
to use the washroom
to go out for drinks
to get to know each other
"Saving Private Ryan"
weird obsession
to turn into
list of things one is looking for
if I'd had a list
"You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"
to open
to introduce
to be concerned about
warm heart
per se
to take a trip
to go to Israel
commitment ceremony
a little grand
some pretend thing
plain gold ring
wedding ring
to go for
to share s.t. with
sacred space
to be beyond words

Listening comprehension questions:
1. What kind of work does David do, and to what ethnic/cultural group do Andrew and David belong?
2. What kind of a "marriage" did Andrew envision when he first "knew" he wanted to marry David?
3. What did Andrew do during the show at Lincoln Center where he met David?
4. On what basis does Andrew conclude it's "love" rather than some kind of "weird obsession"?
5. Why do you think David laughed so mischievously when he showed the interviewer his ring and referred to his "husband"?
6. Describe what it was that led David to falling in love with Andrew.
7. Do you feel that gay couples should be allowed to marry and enjoy the same legal rights of marriage as heterosexual couples? Explain.
8. What is your impression of the status of people who are openly gay in Taiwan, i.e. how well are they accepted?
9. Now watch the following very emotional video. The presenter speaks with a Texan accent. Don't worry if there is much that you don't understand - try to just get the main idea of what is being said. How do you account for the very different tone of this video from the NYT video about Andrew and David?

CNN Breaking News, 2010/10/20:
-- Pentagon tells recruiters they can accept openly gay and lesbian recruits, following "don't ask, don't tell" court ruling