Listening Exercise: Popular Song
Insensitive   by Jann Arden (Canadian)


cool sound advice soul
lips voice numb crime
to rid vagueness skin ancient history
sweat casual warmest chosen
body chill touch to go ahead and...
bliss embrace slow to fall for s.o.
glare expression blood out of vogue
block ...that told me... rush out of touch

1. Transcribe the lyrics of the song "Insensitive".
2. Answer the following listening comprehension questions.

Listening comprehension questions:
1. What has happened to the speaker?
2. What is the problem she is expressing in the song?
3. Why does she think the other person might have some 'advice to give' her?
4. What is she really saying when she asks for 'advice'?
5. What outcome do you predict for this situation?