Listening exercise
Radio drama: Gunsmoke
Indian Baby (II)
Go to this page and click on episode 410

I had her moved here
Ma Smalley's
to be able to
is another matter
first floor

I'll kill for him.
to have a right to
to bury
to face up to
to let it go at that
to risk
an Indian uprising
the first thing in the morning
a mite early
maybe he will at that
to have an awful lot on one's mind
to be locked up
nice as you please
or something
to kidnap
I ain't never heard her name
to turn s.o. loose
you listen here
 to go crazy
to do her much good
to ride off
awful sick
to get lost

to need s.o. pretty bad
more than ever
I'll say this for her: that woman can sure...
to drive
at a good clip
to get away
Injuns = Indians
look yonder
to wreck
quite a bunch of them
couple dozen
how do you figure?
as quiet as we can
slow and easy
to start something
to be lined up
to send for s.o.
To go after s.o.
To have s.o. tied up
to keep one's hands off
is he unconscious?
to be decided about
evil spirit
to let s.o. go
to strike s.o. down
to go for help
keep quiet
Little Bird
to suffer
to show good care
to go free
to be punished
to think pretty straight
to start all over again

Listening comprehension questions:
1. How did Dorie kidnap the Indian baby?
2. Who is Ma Smalley? (You can use the Internet, or guess from the context)
3. What does it mean: 'to let it go at that'?
4. What does Matt say will happen if Dorie doesn't return the baby?
5. What does Dorie plan and do when she agrees to return the baby?
6. How does the man in jail react when he hears about a woman who has kidnapped a baby?
7. How does the husband explain his leaving Dorie and the baby?
8. How does the husband suggest approaching the Indians, and how does Matt respond to his suggestion?
9. What does it mean 'to start something'?
10. How does Matt try to adjust to the (Hollywood) Indians' way of talking?
11. What does it mean: 'It is not decided about the woman'?
12. Why does the Indian mother choose to let Dorie go without punishment?
13. Why does the music change abruptly in places?.