Listening exercise
Radio drama: Gunsmoke
Indian Baby (I)
Go to this page and click on episode 410

Dodge City
on West
to handle
U. S. Marshall
to star
William Conrad
to move West
young America
Matt Dillon

in you go
my gracious me
don't look like...? (unclear)
in a month of Sundays
he's been workin' at it good and steady
he wasn't in any shape to tell me his name
to recollect

to take credit for
to bring s.o. into the world
to have children
to be out of work
to have a lot of practice
brood of kids
to run around
to fuss about
to have another (baby)
to come into town
to think not
to get out of town
dry prairie
to lie in the road
Great Scott!
Why, she's got a baby.
to lie on top of
to get s.o. into town
to make it
poor thing
just skin and bones
to support
to hold close
to nearly smother
what kind of foolishness is that
you can see for yourself
to get a good look at
let me have a look at it
By George,...
I believe you're right
We'd best...
the both of them
There you are.
to expect
I'll tell you that.
buggy ride
out in the country
to improve one's disposition
nice buggy ride!
to make calls
to chop a load of wood
Lady Thomas
to insult s.o.
to have a good time
to be shot
to be in bad shape
more in your line than in mine
those things happen
to kidnap
to have a talk with
to go easy with s.o.
to be hard on s.o.

go ahead and try
the savage Indian
to run off
to quiet s.o.
to bring s.o. out of s.t.
there you are
there's no use
to know more about

it's all right with me
way out here
to get anywhere
one little old baby
needle in a haystack
it just don't figure
to prove out
to be proud to
to keep your doubts to yourself
don't look like there's nobody here
to reckon
what's on your mind
to be missing
there'll be trouble
to bury
to lay dead of fever
to walk out
into the night
to know s.t. to be true
it would be well if...

Listening comprehension questions:

1. What are 'spoilers' in the context of this story?
2. What does Chester do at the beginning of the story?
3. What has the doctor just done when he appears in the story?
4. How many children does Molly have?
5. What do Kitty and Doc see lying in the road, and what do they do about it?
6. What condition is the woman in?
7. What did Doc not seem to notice about the people they found?
8. Why does Doc want Matt to talk to the woman, and why does Matt say he thinks it's more in Doc's line than Matt's?
9. What does the woman say happened to her own baby?
10. How does Chester feel about Matt's efforts to talk to the local Indians about the situation, and how does Matt respond to this?
11. What does Hawkwing say happened to the woman's own baby?
12. What does Matt decide to do about the situation?
13. How convincing do you find the imitation of native Americans speaking English?
14. Give some examples of non-standard English grammar used in this radio drama.