Listening Exercise: Old Time Radio Drama
Gunsmoke: Marryin' Bertha, Part II

Audio file (MP3)
Start the file at the 11:35 minute point to listen to Part II.

Fine doggone thing.
he just don't
to send s.o. after s.t.
Mr. Hightower
to read s.o.'s telegraphs
ain't been opened
settin' = sitting
no need to peer on me
Mr. Hightower
to make s.t. real plain
quit your grumbling
to mind some
it don't bother me a-tall (= at all)
lady friend
not to intend to
hard to get rid of
Mr. Bodkin
what brings you...
to involve
on trust
to be liable to
to convince
loved one
to be locked up
to hand over
here you are
there ain't nothin' I can do about it
front office
happy bridegroom
the big day
Say, don't I know you?
scared to death
to tremble all over
just look at that
to go through with s.t.
I really meant nothin'
to have a little fun
to toy with a woman's heart
to be ashamed of oneself
I don't look like much
I ain't had hardly no schoolin'
to help Mr. Dillon
to spend your money on
someone you love
all part of the...
just talk
Have I got good news for you.
I sure could use some good news.
Don't fool with me.
to inherit
down in Texas
Grandpa Drum (?)
to make coffee
to read out loud
Now you're talking.
to celebrate
all on me
every last drink
You always was nice to me.
to feel bad about
to call s.t. off
another telegram?
Marryin' Bertha
to be responsible for
to prove
male accomplice
to get s.o. killed
I sure hope not.
afternoon stage
to give s.o. enough rope to hang oneself
to get caught in the same noose
Hurry back to Dodge.
Somehow this just don't seem real.
Just take a look at that lovely creature next to you.
Ain't nobody seen...
just look at him
wearing a tie
Sunday suit
to just insist
to ride along
to miss
to get s.t. going
stage (coach)
to work out all right
after all
love conquers all
to get into such a mess
just funnin'
I've got you.
Stop them horses.
to keep oneself out of s.t.
to jump down
to keep s.o. quiet
to shoot
fixin' to (= planning to, about to)
to capture
Say, now.
I reckon I did, at that.

Listening comprehension questions:
1. Give three examples of non-standard grammar used in this radio drama (either part).
2. Chester's been accused of something, so he makes a special effort to show he doesn't deserve the accusation. What was he accused of, and how does Matt react to Chester's efforts to show Matt that he's innocent of this accusation?
3. How does the banker, Mr. Bodkin, react at first when Matt says he needs to borrow US$5,000 from his bank?
4. Why does Matt want Chester to think he really does have to marry Bertha?
5. How does Chester try to run away from Bertha?
6. What reasons does Chester use to try to convince Bertha he's not a good person to marry?
7. What does Bertha threaten to do that makes Chester finally say he'll marry her?
8. What does it mean to "give someone enough rope to hang himself"?
9. a. Why is everybody surprised at how Matt looks, and b. what does Chester hope Matt is coming to do?
10. How does Matt handle the situation after shots are heard?