Listening comprehension exercise
Old-time radio drama - Western
Gunsmoke: The Liar from Blackhawk (II)

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Jim Branch
I've come up to see you
I oughta (ought to)
frozen toe
to be worth waiting for
to owe
to nick s.o. for more
this will do
buffalo hunting
to run a golfhouse
to buy into s.t.
hidden away somewheres
beaver hat
fancy shirt
it was about time we had...
awful drunk
got to arguing
to look at
to keep trying to say
not to quite know what happened
drug (= dragged) off to the corner
fair fight
I seen (= saw)
drawed (= drew)
knowed (= knew)
to leave s.o. alone
Have a drink on me. (= my treat)
he's so mad he can't talk
he's not getting all the respect he needs
to tie up a horse
New Mexico
Al James
by golly
something on his mind
to be here on pleasure
gambling and the like
and the link
wide open
to stay with you
to sell s.o. a gun
ain't that the truth
see ya round later
paid gunman
to lie
whatdjya eat
chili beans
to have an awful time
15 cents
I ain't one to... (= I'm not the kind of person who...)
I don't want no (any) part of it.
I'm through. (= I'm done.)

to prove
to forget all about
There's something sure wrong with him.
to be armed
to be wearing a coat
to be laying (lying) there
to pay attention to
to be crowded around
Doc (the doctor)
to run into
to hide out
to take credit for
to make people respect one
pretty (quite) slow
to get off (to go free)
to scare s.o. to death
to not be worth much

Listening comprehension questions:
1. What was the $20 for that Matt gave Doc?
2. What does it mean to 'buy into' something?
3. Why did Hank Shin kill a man?
4. Why did Hank Shin look so surprised after the incident?
5. Why does Matt ask, 'Did it get (= bother) you this way when you killed those three men up in Blackhawk?'
6. Why does Hank Shin say, 'You're the worst man I ever met.'?
7. Why does Matt give Hank Shin money to buy a drink?
8. Why is Matt worried about the appearance of Al James?
9. What does Matt mean when he says to Al James, 'Dodge isn't as wide open as some of the towns you've been in.'?
10. Why is Chester feeling bad after supper?
11. Why do you think Hank Shin decides to stop being a 'gunman' and to go around without his gun from that point on?
12. How is Hank Shin going to 'forget all about this'?
13. Why does Matt decide to tell Al James that Hank Shin isn't armed?
14. Why, according to Matt, does a fight not have to last long?
15. What must Al James have thought Hank Shin was doing when he opened his coat? What was Hank Shin's real purpose in doing this?
16. Why did Hank Shin decide to take 'credit' for what really happened in Blackhawk?
17. What upsets Al James most about what has happened?
18. What is Matt referring to when he says, 'It looks like Hank Shin got himself a gunman after all.'?

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