Listening exercise
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)

The Long Wait: Dealing with Quebec's Health Care System
Susan Bell and Tracey Madigan, CBC News Montreal | Jan. 11, 2005

Listen to the CBC report:

List of some of the symptoms of autism

Marianne Clark
daycare (centre)
NDG (= Notre-Dame-de-Grâce, a neighbourhood in the west end of Montreal, Quebec)
to be lined with
winter jackets
to struggle
boots and coats
twin boys
Leo and Sam
not going all that well
to run around in circles
to flap one's arms
in the air
to voice one's displeasure
to be a handful
developmental disability
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
to be fully integrated into society
to keep a hand on
to trail behind
to run in the street
at any time
to have a sense of fear
an exhausting ritual
to go through
to be diagnosed
to suspect
to come as a blow
a scary thing
"You almost have to do a little bit of a mourning. You mourn what could have been.
But I don't want to get too much into that."
to hope for the best
research suggests
early intensive therapy
to be key to
to develop to one's full potential
perfect age
tremendous change
at the prime time when...
to be on a waiting list
to provides
up to (= as much as)
intensive behaviour therapy
to have access to
the 90's
to redefine autism
to expand the definition
Lee Tidmarsh
Autism Spectrum Disorders Program
Montreal Children's Hospital
a wider range of symptoms
to be considered
higher functioning
to demand services
to be put in (= submitted)
to treat
to make good progress
to sit on a waiting list
their treatment turn comes up
health and education systems
to feel the impact
early intervention
health care system
to load up
to be taxed
next wave
vocational training
work places
with supervision
to help s.o. out of their coats and boots
a long way off
to make a huge difference
language skills
to acquire
that's it (= that's all)
to be hard to deal with
to take out a loan on
for time to run out
"...his light is going off."
anywhere from ...

Listening comprehension questions:
1. What is autism and what are some of its symptoms?
2. What symptoms of autism do Leo and Sam display?
3. Why might autistic children walk straight into traffic without watching for cars?
4. Why did Marianne feel the need to "mourn" after receiving her sons' diagnosis?
5. What is recommended as the best treatment for autism in children?
6. What kind of services does Quebec offer for autistic children? Why may many people who need these services not receive them?
7. What is one reason why more children are now being classified as autistic in Canada?
8. What is meant by "the next wave is going to be vocational training"?
9. What do some parents do who are put on waiting lists and cannot receive government assistance with their autistic child right away? How much can this cost?
10. What does Marianne mean when she says she fears Sam's "light is going off"?