Listening exercise
BBC: Tsvangirai leaves hospital
View BBC video here
Here is a related BBC article on this news story

to suffer injuries
to be beaten
opposition activists
to be in pain
to be determined to
to carry on the fight
Robert Mugabe's government
to go through an experience
one thing is for certain
to confirm
fractured skull
at the hands of
to be concerned about
democratic change
serious condition
foreign secretary
Margaret Beckett
Human Rights Council
to call for action against
to gather information
personally responsible
what is described as
to be inflicted on
to be unlikely to
to trouble

to pour scorn on
to go hang
in response to
police brutality
to accuse
to launch a campaign against

Listening comprehension questions:
1. a. Where is Zimbabwe? b. What is the current and former name of the capital city? c. What main languages are spoken in Zimbabwe?
2. How long has Robert Mugabe been in power?
3. Why is Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai in the hospital? (British English: in hospital)
4. What good news is there about Tsvangirai's condition, but what other concerns remain regarding this incident?
5. What does Tsvangirai say about freedom?
6. What countercharges did Mugabe bring against the opposition?
7. What is Britain's reaction to this situation?
8. What is the difference between "South Africa" and "southern Africa"?
9. What is the name and abbreviation of Zimbabwe's only opposition party?
10. Briefly, what is the current economic and social situation in Zimbabwe? Use the Internet to find information.